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  1. I always used no damage mod just to protect myself. I was so tired of these rammers, hackers, and laggers. I always drive with my friends and after every 10 minutes some idiot coming from nowhere and crashes into us. Some says "oh sorry", some just continue like nothing happened. And all that waiting when your friend or myself loads that last autosave again and again, it all takes time, sometimes very long time. After we read that no damage was allowed, we installed it. And it helped a lot! No more waiting after every 10 mins and no need to visit every service/city that comes in front of you. We really just finally enjoyed the driving without all these breaks. Yeah, same time i understand that you admins wants to make this thing more realistic or smth and wants to punish all these trollers with perma bans, not just 3 days bans, which is right thing to do ofc!. But then you really need to double your admin team. My friend makes reports every day/week and gets answers almost after the month. It surely takes too long. Players wants to see more admins with police cars on the roads. You need to show to players that YOU ARE THERE FOR THEM because there really are hell a lot of these trollers and hackers. Anyways, good luck and hopefully this rule change changes something. Right now i´m a little bit sceptic about that. Everybody, drive safely! Peace!
  2. plz add physics, i have been waiting this like years :3 add atleast them to Eu1 or somewhere then where speeds are lower or create new server with speed limits? if you guys afraid chaos
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