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    Transporting pepsi all across Europe while sipping sprite from a coke glass
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  3. Henlo, i have a question about Patreon, how exactly does it work in this case? Do i have to contact someone after buying the subscription in order to give me the priviledges or...? thanks

    1. Qsmtt


      you get it automatically after subscribing

    2. revelena


      i seem to have gotten everything, minus the website/forum rank, thank you

  4. I, for one, consider lowering the Sim 1 slots by 1 thousand right off the bat was a really bold move. If i was handling this and saw the screenshot below, i'd instantly take away slots from Sim 2 and add them to Sim 1 (mind you its not even peak time yet). What amount of time would provide the ideal insight? I'm not sure what the technical limitations are, but if you're able to mess about with the slots easily, there's no reason why you shouldn't do it. And to answer the person above me, if things were bad 2-3 years ago, they don't have to be bad now as well.
  5. VTCs mostly want a realistic experience...and I hate to sound like a broken record(i know this argument has been used a lot) but zooming around the map Need for Speed style isnt exactly realistic, but to each their own. There might be some speed freak companies out there. regardless, i say its necessary because i shouldnt have to sit in queue if some people wanted a different speed limit. I dont mind giving them their own server, but dont limit my access to mine ^^
  6. Suggestion Name: Tweak server limit Suggestion Description: Simulation 1 to 3500, Simulation 2 to 2000 (or anything similar, as long as Sim 1 gets more slots) Why should it be added?: Simulation 1 almost always requires you to wait in queue now, in order to join, while Simulation 2 doesn't reach half the current limit yet. I know it's still early, but I think it's a necessary change until people find out about the new server and its speed limit.
  7. Scandinavia, Road to the Black Sea and Iberia, it's hard to choose between these 3, but they're all unique and different from the huge amount of highways the rest of the game has.
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