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  1. Unless someone is paying for a dedicated server, SCSConvoy runs on the host's machine. Hence the 8 player limit, as the avg person doesn't have a super computer to handle the exponentially increasing load as you add more players. Plus, the limits of the older game engine - which while has been been worked on/optimized since it was released, still heavily relies on 1 thread. Even the stuff that got offloaded to other threads, still gets sent back to the main game thread at the end.
  2. Exactly why I do not and will not support ghost mode A.I. as the half baked solution to A.I. on TMP servers. Ghost mode A.I. will just be more annoying then not having it at all. Between the increased collisions by players into others, and the performance impact it would have on most player's PCs. And before someone tries to flex, even those that have super computers aren't safe from lag/stutter with the current game engine. Edit: Yes, you could theoretically have more done by server, such as A.I., instead of it being processed client side. However, that would require much more processing power for the server. Meaning, TMP will need more Patrons, or current Patrons have to pay more. I'm sure some will be willing. But I doubt most people will want to pay, even if it was for good hardware to get a good experience. Alternatively we could submit to full blown ad revenue based model, but I doubt people want the game to turn into 'ads simulator'/'ad pop-up simulator'.
  3. I get where you are coming from OP, but I don't think this would make any difference. The way I see it, if the player cannot be bothered to learn a few (a lot of the signs are actually fairly self explanatory, like speed limits, city limits, etc), they are the type of player who won't follow them anyways even if it was localized for them. Edit: And to some extent, there are players who treat speed limit signs as a minimum speed limit, not max speed limit. Max limit to them is the TMP server limit.
  4. I get that we are a minority compared to the casual simcade players. But the frequency of seeing posts with users complaining about casuals being made all the time as well as 'suggestions' posted leads me to believe it is a larger group than most would think or want to admit. Would simulation folk be more of a minority than the current minorities? - see screenshots attached below. Given the ability to pick a server that would have other like minded players looking for a simulation/realism experience, me personally, I would be picking that server every time. Actually having a place to go/play in - not the fake 'simulation' server where I just piss off a bunch of casuals because I like driving realistically (too slow for them). I wouldn't care too much if it also wasn't for the fact that these people also cannot manage their rigs and the load they are hauling. So when my cargo inevitably gets damaged - as it seems they are incapable of just going around me and continue on with their trip. This makes me have to decide on whether to submit, yet another report, which more often than not, results in receiving colorful language from the guilty party. I would not have stopped my patron subscription as well as spend a lot of driving hours in SP/Convoy instead of TMP the last few months if it were not for that.
  5. ^Great examples. I'd like to add to the topic a couple more things; A general way of getting good examples of usage, is to find some truck driving videos. (ex. searching scania pov drive on YT). You will see when truckers use retarder/engine brake, and what setting they go to based on their load. You might have to find some American truck videos though if you want engine brake examples as engine brake usage is far more common than retarder in US. You could even try searching for explanations of usage for them and see if you find a trucker that explains stuff in a way that clicks for you. If you are going for 'realism', it could be said that most veteran truckers barely touch the service brakes. They mainly use engine braking/retarder to slow down. This is potentially is changing though, especially for light(er) cargo truckers as trucks get better and better service brakes. One thing I forgot to mention, IRL, one of the factors for engine brake effectiveness is also engine displacement. Typically bigger engine will have more braking force at the same engine brake setting than a smaller sized one. As for how it's coded in the game, and if different engine sizes have an effect or if it is just limited to the 3 stages of engine brake, I cannot say as I haven't personally done all those different tests in game.
  6. Attached image is a few frames before he's temporarily out of frame. However, he has technically entered the round about. At this point, OP's turn signal is not on yet. So in this round about scenario, was OP not supposed to yield to those in the outside lane? Like if op was in outside lane and got hit, then I'd agree, other driver at fault. Curious if anyone from that area of Poland can enlighten us.
  7. Yes, a good amount of players want/like areas that are busy and not empty. However, I guarantee you most of those people do not want a terrible and buggy A.I. implementation. That is why we have some 'popular' areas that are never empty. What topic deviation. I replied multiple times to you why A.I. implementation is not feasible right now on TMP. If you are referring to the last half, where I suggested other games/modes. That was based on your original comment - before you edited it (really mate?) - where part of it, you said you were essentially getting bored of 'shipping' goods. To me, that meant, you are tired of delivering goods to companies. And that is why I said those things at the bottom. I don't think you are understanding my previous replies due to a language barrier. Some of the people posting suggestions for TMP staff do not seem to realize, TMP is not a big game developer company. The staff here isn't hired/paid. As well as what it would take to implement some of the suggested content. Like the time to actually do the code properly then check for bugs and fix bugs. Nor how much additional computing power would be needed for both - server side, and end user. Lastly, TMP staff has acknowledged that the community wants A.I. traffic, and are exploring ways of how to actually implement it. And have said that once they find a realistic solution, it will be made public. This was a bit ago, and I am not sure if they are actively exploring still or if it's put off to the side for now. But still, if they had come up with a good solution for this, it would have been publicized. At this time, we have TMP and SCSConvoy versions of multiplayer for ETS2. Due to software and hardware limitations, TMP cannot turn into Convoy, much like Convoy can't be like TMP. But luckily you are free to choose between the 2, which one you want to play. Have a good day/night Edit: I don't think TMP community is notorious for this - but for the love of God - please no chatgpt BS. Relying on chatgpt to write full code is dumb.
  8. Well TMP did add cars. More recently they did add buses. If you set up the appropriate software you can do bus routes. I assume 'shipping' you mean delivering cargo? Um, well, you are playing an arcade-simulator trucking game, what did you expect??? Farming simulator? Lamborghini racing simulator? 24 Hours Le Mans? I'm not trying to be mean, but I would rather see TMP staff put their attention to other issues, that would be more beneficial to the whole user base. Rather than introducing something extra that is just another thing waiting to cause bugs and performance issues. If the reason you wanted A.I is to not have empty roads. But you didn't want to drive realistically around the A.I. Then I suggest you visit the Calais-Duisburg area. It's never empty, and the play style would match others in that area. If you want actual variety, revisit Single player. There are a lot of mods available to really alter your gameplay. From more challenge adding mods to just dumb/bogus fun mods. If you are tired of delivering/shipping cargo. Well, I suggest you find another game that is not a, truck driving simulator. Lol
  9. In my opinion, yes that is correct. Also if I'm being honest, you could have signaled earlier with your turn signal. The other player seems to have actually been going an appropriate speed through the round about and could have potentially had time to react and avoid the collision. Disclaimer: I'm not an admin, so their opinions/verdicts could be different from mine.
  10. Ok, let me try another way. Imagine: You are driving in city/highway. Doesn't matter. You have A.I. traffic around you. Now, in your tab view, you see 2-3 (or more, doesn't matter) players show up and their distance decreasing. Indicating you are getting closer to each other. What is suppose to happen with the A.I traffic now? Ghost mode or no ghost mode doesn't matter. But you have to pick one; Do you remove/despawn them all, so that no A.I. traffic has to be synced between you and the other players. You both see the empty road as it is, (like it is now on TMP). Or do you keep the A.I. visible, but this requires it to be synced between players. Why? Well for many reasons. Like one being, what happens when you want to pass/overtake an A.I. vehicle that only you see. What are the other players suppose to think if all they see is you swerving all over the road. Because on their end, without syncing A.I. traffic, they only see you. Nothing else. A lot more examples exist, especially if you are talking about implementing A.I. as SCS has it now. Like how sometimes the A.I. gets stuck and not able to figure out what to do. Then there are those random brake checks. Then there are times when they don't yield properly or what I absolutely love is how the bus take turns wide and cross into your lane with the front of their bus slightly, so if you aren't against the right side of your lane, you will get hit. All those would cause an actual player to have to do some accident avoidance. So again, without traffic being synced, the other players would only see the player going all over the place. Or is that what you mean by them being in ghost mode. So you don't have to drive around the traffic, but you just want to go through it all the time??? I'm sorry, but that is just stupid.
  11. Hi Warior, There are different round about rules that vary from area to area. I would advise to pay close attention to road signage leading up to the round about, as well as any markers on the road itself. As in some cases, traffic inside the circle has right of way, and in other cases, traffic in round about yields to those coming into it. An example of a 'Right of Way' sign: An example of a 'Yield' sign: I watched the provided video, and in your particular case and the 2 lane round about, you have to yield to the outer lane when leaving the inner lane.
  12. Engine Break has 3 settings, 1 being lowest, 3 highest effect. Engine breaks effectiveness is based on engine speed. So higher RPM will have more breaking then a lower RPM. And as you go down the gears, the effect 'multiplies' based on your ratios. If you drive in 'automatic' mode, the game will do the shifting for you. Be advised, that in auto mode it always acts like it needs you to stop on the dime as opposed to in manual/sequential mode you have more control over gears. Retarder has 5 levels of setting. 1 being lowest, 5 being highest level of effect. Effectiveness is based on your speed. Meaning, it will have more effect at higher speed (ex. 80-90kph) and lose effect as you slow down. I think in game it becomes pretty much useless around 30kph and under. As to when you should be using it, well depends on various factors - to some extent as this game isn't super realistic. As an example, IRL you don't use full engine brake in wet weather or snow. But the very improper and oversimplified explanation above should help you. If you want to simulate some realism or just be a 'good' driver. You can run tests to see how the truck reacts with different cargo weights under different road conditions. You will learn more about your truck and how it drives/behaves. You can do 3 tests for yourself to get a general idea though, one with a low weight cargo, medium weight, and heavy weight. If you also play SP, and want to challenge yourself and see if you really know your truck, you can try one of the special transport routes with the extra heavy cargo weights. Hope this helps
  13. As well as the reworked interchanges along the C-D road and 'TruckersHQ' city added. I like the rework suggestion you posted above. Edit: TruckersMP -> TruckersHQ
  14. That seems fine until, again, you think about different events/variables. Like for example, how is A.I suppose to be handled when you get in range of another player or group of players? If it is to be kept local, and not synced between players as you suggested, the traffic would still have to be removed/despawned completely every time you have a player, or players around. Because if other players can't see your traffic, and you are driving around the traffic, the other players will only see you randomly swerving around the road. So not only will the pop ups/despawns of traffic models be annoying as it happens right in front of you. The negative performance impact of this will cause too much stutter from constant generation and despawning of game content. As another user pointed out on your previous post. The current implementation of A.I by SCS is still not fully desirable with all the mess ups that can occur with the A.I. And while SCS has come a long way since the game first came out, the traffic A.I. is still far from perfect. Just to name a couple. Again, there are lots of variables/virtual world events that need to be considered when implementing A.I. on TMP's multiplayer servers. ETS2 is already full of compromises that users have to make to balance, visuals and performance as is.
  15. You are aware of how old Prism 3D is, right? Not to mention ETS 2 as a whole. Implementing A.I. is more then just toggling a switch in some settings menu. Especially since it all would have to be synced between the players, maybe not the entire server but anyone within a set range/distance of you. As well as the other players and the A.I. around them. It's one thing when you are in SP and have A.I. generated just for you. It's a whole other beast to try and implement it server side. Lots of variables to consider which results in a lot of code that has to be written. I am assuming of course, that when A.I. is brought up, people want functional/working A.I. Not some half assed hack job just to say there is A.I. now. Chances are you have visited C-D area. You should be aware of how bad the game can get bogged down with just the players around. Now imagine all those players, plus all the logic/workload from implementing A.I on the hardware.
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