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  1. !!!NOTICE!!! Due to any Issues between me and the forum, this topic will Stop update after our new gallery release.
  2. I'm sorry to hear about the issue, and I've experienced it myself as well. This problem can't be resolved by adjusting in-game settings in ETS2. As far as I know, this issue can occur due to the following reasons: Pop-up windows from other software interrupting fullscreen mode. If you're sure this is the issue, you can try closing the applications causing these pop-up windows to prevent the problem. Typically, the software causing the pop-ups cannot be fixed. If your fullscreen interruption isn't caused by the above, please let me know. I'm just an ordinary player, but I'll do my best to assist you.
  3. Thanks for your asking this question, I'm also curious about this question. You can find your previous command you executed from "C:\Users\Jason_Stephen\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\,history.sii", which storaged here, However, please remember it only storage 25 items. Hope my answer will help you. I just give you the answer where are they, but I can't give you the answer about how to delete these, because I never tried to delete this.
  4. Players driving on the C-D route in TruckersMP are a substantial community, and convincing everyone is quite unlikely. However, as far as I know, C-D wasn't the most popular route when TruckersMP was first released; there were other routes that gained more attention. So, my idea is that as long as SCS (the game developer) creates a route that surpasses C-D in quality and manages to captivate the player base, things will naturally change. But because almost every TruckersMP player has cherished this route for many years, it will become increasingly challenging to alter as time goes on. Because this is my personal subjective opinion, please understand that if there are different viewpoints. I'm just an ordinary player.
  5. Oh, so there are police cars for trucks too? That sounds cool. I wonder how the RM and GMs feel about this suggestion.
  6. I don't know what the purpose of such a design would be, and while it may seem interesting, I can responsibly say it doesn't make sense. As mentioned in previous comments, this would disrupt the work of real GMs. Furthermore, it's worth reminding that GMs can also be reported and banned. I believe TruckersMP wouldn't add such a feature in a place where it doesn't serve a meaningful purpose. The above is solely my personal opinion.
  7. With the launch of Promods, more and more players have been joining to Promods servers, with peak daily numbers exceeding a thousand, sometimes even surpassing two thousand. However, the popularity of Simulation 1 remains undiminished, and C-D Rd is still the favorite hotspot for the majority of players. Although TruckersMP introduced Simulation 2 with a speed limit of 150, not many people are playing on this server. Of course, there are also Arcade servers and servers specifically prepared for the United States and Asia regions. So, which server do you most often play on? If you are a regular Promods player, where do you choose to play during the period when TruckersMP hasn't adapted to the new version of the Promods map? Of course, I'm also willing to kick things off by sharing my favorite server to play on: the Promods server. Since TruckersMP removed speed limits on all servers except Simulation 1 and changed them to 150 Kph, Promods servers also increased their speed limit to 150 Kph. This allows me to drive more freely on the server, following the speed limits indicated by road signs. I'm not a speedster, but driving at 120 Kph on sections of the highway where the speed limit is over 110 Kph is a pretty good experience. Additionally, the scenery in Promods' Scandinavia is excellent, attracting a large number of Promods players and making the area lively. My favorite part of Promods is the E4 highway because it's one of the only two ways to travel from the southern to the northern part of Scandinavia. Most players take this route, and it's an alternative driving route I highly recommend, apart from the famous Kirkenes mountain road. So, what about you?
  8. >----------------------------------< 🖼Designed 13 September 2023🖼 >----------------------------------< Type: #Video, #MonthlyConvoy, #Convoy Hosting platform: Discord Label: #ETS2, #ETS666, #MonthlyConvoy
  9. >----------------------------------< 🖼Designed 20 September 2023🖼 Travel to VIVA LA FRANCE The Introduction of our next Convoy >----------------------------------< Type: #Picture-MileStone2 Hosting platform: Discord Label: #ETS2, #Travel
  10. Sorry for being late. I'll try my best to help with your question.




    Unless they have a very dumb rule that restricts other games from being posted, you are allowed to post pictures. Typically, it's "Other Games" or an "Off Topic" area. As long as they are your own pics and not stolen from someone else.

    1. Jason_Stephen


      Thanks Soo much, however I give up. I will trying to share them on my personal Website when it's possible. Because of soo many days I wait, I had already tried to post a new gallery on this channel. Guessing what, I wait for over 3 days, and that post was deleted without any reply.🤣

    2. Sunstrider


      They are supposed to inform you they deleted it. I would inquire a feedback ticket.

  11. >----------------------------------< 🖼Designed 11 June 2023🖼 Reworked at 19 September 2023 >----------------------------------< Type: #Picture Rework Hosting platform: Discord Label: #ETS2
  12. >----------------------------------< 🖼Milestone 3 Photos🖼 We'd like to share you how to edit photos in Milestone 3 >----------------------------------<
  14. No it doesn't, I mean I want to share my other games' Photo as an gallery and share on Other Games Section.
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