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  1. ¿Necesitas amigos para tu viaje? Ven a presentarte!

    Nombre de Steam: [TESA] ''[37]''-PABLO-[CHILE] Url de Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198138299209/ Horario en el que juegas: casi cualquier hora País: CHILE - ANTOFAGASTA Camión: Scania y Volvo
  2. [email protected] ,blocking and ramming

    Server: EU #1Date: 20/06/2015Time: 19:30Place: RotterdamPerpetrator: [email protected] URL : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76...Description: crosses me and I lock HitsVideo/Picture:
  3. Dersim 62 bam by bad driving

    1.Server: UE1 2. Fecha: 07/06/2015 3. Tiempo: 21:18 4. Lugar: 5. Sujeto activo: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ketsayf 6. URL de vapor o Steamid64: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ketsayf 7. Descripción: cruza, me Golpea y me bloqueo 8. Video / Foto: Video / Foto:
  4. Ban Appeal - JM

  5. Ban Appeal - JM

    and mi friend I will exchange the name
  6. Ban Appeal - JM

  7. Ban Appeal - JM

    thanks for the desbann , but we were two http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/16183-ban-appeal-cosaco/#entry111760
  8. Ban Appeal - JM

    even though I gave one minutes to stop ban had been to block a convoy , besides the ' ADM ' is to be admin of my company I that have to do with an admin if not my name appears in red :c
  9. Ban Appeal - JM

    22:25:08] ADMIN JM(407): Everyone with the word ADM in there name. Please change your name now. Thanks. [22:25:12] (Æ™)GHOST (6): esperando a los demas por q no me gusta viajar solito [22:25:14] [TESA][18]victormanue303 (336): don victor me rechaza [22:25:28] [TESA][18]victormanue303 (336): rechazaron el reporte [22:25:59] PABLO *ADM* [T.P.A] -01- [CHILE] (87): no lo are Emoticono pacman [22:26:16] [AD] Do you want to listen to good music while trucking? Visit EuroTruckRadio.com! [22:26:25] [system] Player cosaco T.P.A - ADM-02-[chile](43) has been banned by JM(407) for permanent [22:27:01] [system] Player PABLO *ADM* [T.P.A] -01- [CHILE](87) has been banned by JM(407) for permanent
  10. Ban Appeal - JM

    administrador me bannea por tener 'ADM' en mi nombre. el bannea permanente el juego sin darme tiempo