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  1. Should never have changed it in my opinion, I discussed and debated this at the time of the change. 5th ban should be a permanent. if you can’t play by the rules 5 times you lose any right to be part of the community.
  2. Just to add to this, i'd love to see any staff or ex staff members opinions aswell! Thank you so much to everyone who has responded so far, really appreciate you taking the time!
  3. Hi there! I'm planning on making a long form scripted video about tmp and the issues within it, I've got plenty to talk about and plenty of opinions and suggestion from my friends. But I wanted to post a topic to get a general vibe from the player base on the forums. What would you say is the biggest issue on TMP right now? And also to keep things impartial, What would you say is the best thing about TMP right now? Any replies welcome, lets keep it constructive! Cheers, Welshie
  4. Nice profile banner you've got there ?

    1. KGT l xTH3xMoDsZx l UK

      KGT l xTH3xMoDsZx l UK

      Thank you men, I did edit it a little and put a blue line underneath, cause TruckersMP uses 1920x350 I think - cause 1920x200 was a tad small.


      But thank you once again for the banner men!



    2. Welshie


      No worries love

    3. KGT l xTH3xMoDsZx l UK
  5. See, you’ve repeatedly said to keep in mind this is just a game. But every parallel you’ve drawn is from real life situations, at no point have I made any comparisons to real life, this is a game, this whole community is built around a game and this community has rules, rules that need to be adhered to, that is the simple truth anyone who disputes that you should be allowed to ignore the rules 5+ times over the span of a year is simply wrong.
  6. The issue here is we are 2 sides of the same coin here, I have never been banned, you are currently banned and will avoid a perma due to this rule change so you benefit and I do not. in my eyes looking at your ban history it’s clear you are reckless, so maybe find some players who aren’t so reckless and learn from them. and as you say, not all will follow the rules, that is why perma bans need to stay.
  7. True, but i can expect everyone to play the game in a way that abides by the rules no?
  8. You don't make an "Honest" Mistake 5+ times.
  9. If genuine users are repeatedly making mistakes then I can see the benefit of allowing them back. but to be making the same mistakes 5+ times over, they are clearly either ignoring or are unaware of the rules and have made no attempt to improve themselves. the vast majority of those who have been banned 5+ times are trolls and deserve to not be able to play on TMP Servers.
  10. This is the issue, punishments do not have to be more reasonable! If you have been Perma'd for history you should stay perma'd because you have proven you can't abide by the community rules. This spits on the Values of the community completely, this will push people to use convoy mode to avoid the trolls that already plague the servers. Your absolutely right, Reporting is not a competition, but when we have so much evidence of trolls to report surely making punishments more reasonable and letting perma'd players back into the servers is counter productive? Im seeing a lot of the players who have been around for 4/5 years agreeing on this, you are pushing away your core player base with this move.
  11. The issue is some simply wont improve their behaviour because they simply dont care, you've stated the issue yourself by saying "some" as i've highlighted in your reply. You are simply wrong.
  12. This is utterly disgusting. Allowing those who are repeat offenders to now come back into the community, A community that abides by rules, rules that they have clearly given no to attention to in the past is ridiculous. This is utterly deplorable and I sincerely hope the TMP team rethinks the move to let those who have been Perma Banned back into the community. If they have been banned for history then it is clear they cannot follow the community rules, which the vast majority of us have managed to do, for years in some of our cases. Genuinely utterly disgusted and in disbelief that anyone in the staff team thinks this is a good idea. #inb4thiscommentgetsdeleted
  13. Well.....

    Its pretty quiet in here.

    Anyone fancy a convoy on sunday?

  14. @KGT l TDW24 l CH I see you, creeping round. Pointing at things!

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