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  1. That's a ton off my shoulders, managed to reduce debt from £600 to £230. So happy, moneyyysssss for ATS :D

  2. Hi admin, there was this guy called MrCreeper blocking me earlier, plz ban

    1. Creatured
    2. Synplex


      Pft I'm off to the forums to voice my opinion ;)

  3. Watch me and ZiroX 1vs1, loser buys a candlelit dinner ;) twitch.tv/kytoko

    1. FirestarteR93


      Why not "loser gets a candle for dinner"

  4. Come see myself and ZiroX hunting nubs in CS:GO! http://www.twitch.tv/kytoko

  5. I belive the partner will be streaming some Dota. She kicked me out the room, so when go say hi.. A lot of times xD twitch.tv/shamanqueeeen

    1. Synplex


      *When she goes live

      Gah hate this phone

  6. Going to stream some Euro Truck, enjoy the music and zero interaction xD http://www.twitch.tv/kytoko/

  7. Wanting to stream but can't use mic to interact with chat because builders tearing bathroom apart :c

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    2. Synplex


      Only because this ZiroX guy keeps telling me to play CS:GO. The people want to see Bathroom Builders! </3

  8. Going live, come watch me fail on CS GO :Phttp://www.twitch.tv/kytoko

  9. That's a replacement monitor sorted, now we wait

  10. Latest MP update broke SweetFX, like.. It no longer loads MP if I have the .dll in there. Worked fine previous version, whut have you done 3

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    2. Synplex


      That's why ETS2 works fine with it and the MP crashes with it?

    3. McFreshi


      Have u tried reinstalling it?

    4. Synplex


      Yea, that's what made me think it was SweetFX. Got rid of the dxd9.dll and it worked again. But like I mentioned previously, ETS2 ran fine with it, just the mod crashed when launching with it.

  11. [• LIVE] www.twitch.tv/kytoko .. SP because MP is being crabjuice and crashing constantly

    1. Puncake


      Oo i come see

  12. I'm live! twitch.tv/kytoko No mic though :c

  13. I'm live! twitch.tv/kytoko No mic though :c

  14. Almost halfway through our 24 hour marathon for charity! Come say hi :Dhttp://www.twitch.tv/zirox_hd

  15. Just wanna be home and coding :c

    1. Synplex


      Enzide's new website & custom game launcher :3

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