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  1. THIS!! Removing the 5 Bans within 12 months = a Perm Ban was the wrong direction, If people have managed to get so many Bans they are simply never going to start following the rules TMP set out. I am really not surprised the report load is currently high, It does feel like Driver standards are slipping and not just on the CD Road and i strongly feel that is partly down to the weak punishments handed out, I play ETS2 most evenings (Peak Time) and if i am not crashed into i have done well. (Includes days i dont end up near CD)
  2. Hopefully AI Traffic is put on its own Dedicated Server and not the existing Servers, Would be a nightmare.
  3. I remain Confident when Buses are released onto TMP the number of people on the Servers will once again increase, The Buses coming out in affect introduces a Bus Simulator into the Game and will attract Bus Enthusiasts into this Community.
  4. Looks a good event, should hopefully pull people onto the Game who have not played in a while ?
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