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  1. Typically i am most active in the evening (UK Time). I enjoy doing a few jobs or attending a Convoy with the VTC i am in
  2. I like how Iberia looks but the notices at Toll Booths for Cars only are not easy to see until your close to it.
  3. I normally go on the C-D Road when one of them new Cars come out, You know everyone will be there driving it aswell
  4. It would be nice once all new Cars have been tried by the Players we got a Vote to keep one.
  5. I have to admit this has not worked, Traffic just outside the Collision Zone is now worse than ever and now you got people wrong way Driving out of the none Collision Zone and into other players, It is clear Duisburg is a problem area but this has not solved the problem its just created new ones.
  6. Depends, If on my own i prefer a shorter job but if Driving with others i am up for a longer job
  7. "I hope its not packed on my nearby" When it is i sometimes struggle to get in
  8. I use Ndivia GForce Experience if not Streaming otherwise its OBS
  9. My main 2: People parked up using the Horn none stop People screaming down their Mics
  10. Except for this Game i enjoy playing GTA 5 Online along with PS2 Era Games, loving the Retro Vibe from time to time!
  11. Typically if someone lets on to me i will do the same, I make exceptions for VTC's i respect
  12. One idea (Assuming possible) i have is make single lane roads 90Kmh and keep Motorways ect as their current 110Kmh.
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