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  1. Suggestion Description: if there is a New Scout that is a monster car, I want a caravan with big wheels. Why it should be added: The player can use the fix command. The player can transport goods with this car. Maybe the stability of the car will increase if it has a trailer. I can say that offroad is even more fun with a trailer. Please make a monster caravan
  2. I watch videos from India, Malaysia, etc. I notice the some trucks and buses have really cool horns. These horns play different melodies. Example, bus in this video, ultimate cool: https://youtu.be/AEVTAqJYyKQ?t=450 It's cool if the TMP trucks have the melodic horns and each player can choose a simple melody. Monotonous horns are annoying if the player wants to horn for a long time.
  3. I have a question. If I drive on the C-D highway just to record malicious players and send reports, does that help moderators or does it bother them? I don't record every case. I prefer to catch only particularly bad characters.
  4. Keywords: 6x4 chassis, manual gearbox, small and lightweigth trailer. Mercedes and Renault are best. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tHaNo9_QyM Maybe my english is weird (I am monolingual monkey and using Google translate a lot), but maybe it's understandable ? And my vomputer is "potato", I playing games in Windows and making primitive videos in Linux. Video is made in Promods arcade server.
  5. I discovered how you can drive regular trucks with a winter physics mod. The keywords are a weak engine (up to 500 hp), manual gearbox and a 6x4 chassis. The powerful engine pulls the wheels too sharply and the tires don't grip. Trailer - small van, 1 axle. This trailer can be used to pick up loads and will not get stuck. Speed 15-30 km / h. If you drive below 15 km / h, the truck will not be able to drive up. If you drive faster than 30 km / h, there is a high risk of driving off the road. Try in singleplayer or arcade server first. A differential lock is required, but this reduces steerability. Damage cannot be completely avoided. But this is interesting. Iveco, 310 hp, 16-gears gearbox.
  6. If you are using the winter physics mod, go to singleplayer and drive with it: https://ets2.lt/en/kamaz-43101-army-ets2-v1-43-x/ This is only singleplayer mod. Use a differential lock and manual transmission, and this monster climbs like fly ?
  7. Can any player drive there with winter mod physics? I gave up after a few tries. The truck doesn't even move there with a load of 1 ton, it gets stuck. If I want to go there, I will remove the winter mod physics.
  8. Yess, it works. But I got a working SII decrypt program from another link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lhz3m1n56ed7nwb/AACqtc79HzlJIj7oX95w7c3ea?dl=0 The SII decrypt application indicated in this guide does not working for me. Steam workshop mods don't work in multiplayer, I tested it.
  9. How do I unlock jobs with double trailers everywhere in multiplayer? Cause: I am learning difficult parking with an HCT trailer. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QUlOhds_3A&t=654s Finland is actually a small country ? In Singleplayer it's easy, there I use mods.
  10. I want some information. Is this person a moderator? His rank is "player", but he says everywhere that he is a moderator.




    And also this person: https://truckersmp.com/user/2541304   He also says he is an admin. But his ran is a "player". 


    Thanks ?

    1. Aek177


      Neither of those players are staff members as stated on their profiles ? If they are saying they are staff then that is incorrect. Hope this helps.

  11. It also does not depend on the damage to the truck. This also happens with a truck in good condition. Next, the command gives the answer that the next repair can be done in X seconds, but the gearbox will start working.
  12. I have an interesting bug in the game. I use a manual gearbox. After using the chat, there is a problem every time - the gearbox works halfway. I can switch down and neutral. But I can't switch up. It only helps me if I use the / fix command 2-3 times. Then the gearbox starts working. The error does not depend on whether the shift buttons are on the keyboard or steering wheel.
  13. I discovered that when playing on a small monitor (15 inches), the best truck is MAN with its large front window.
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