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Music ?


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Guest muri's

I have a few suggestions different from the type of song you listen to.


Listening to different kinds of songs may change your ear taste ^^


Biicla - Need U

FindMyName - Runaway

AloneinTokyo - Wanderlust

AloneinTokyo - Nightfall

Adriano Koch - BRIEF

Mac DeMarco - Heart to Heart 

Chris Rain - HATE ME

Marcin Przybyłowicz - Been Good to Know Ya


If you want listen to old style and slow beat ;


Donna Summer - Hot Stuff 12''Version

Ché Aimee Dorval - The Widow

STRFKR - Golden Light 

Delhia de France - Hypnos 

Delhia de France - Blank_

Foals - Late Night (Solomun Remix)

Shouse - Love  Tonight

V*rgin Magnetic Material - Make It Wit Chu


and my favorite turkish songs (old)


Bergen - Bana Neler Vadettin

Bergen - Allah Yalanı Sevmez 

Bergen - Eller Aldı

İbrahim Tatlıses - Eşarbını Yan Bağlama 

Orhan Gencebay - Bir Teselli Ver 


I hope you like it ^_^


Best wishes,





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When I drive a truck, believe me, my music style can be very different from my daily life. I continue on the road with songs that have an instantly changing mood. It is a complex taste ranging from pop to arabesque, rap, hiphop, drill culture. They all sound better with the beauty of the road. 😆

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Being an old man myself, my music tastes are what many would call the "oldies". Up to the late '90s, I can listen almost to anything and enjoy it. Later than that, I lost "track" (pun intended). I don't use Spotify or anything similar, what I hear on different radios doesn't catch my ear, so I stick to my old faithful own playlist, lots of GB of mp3/OGG/FLAC files, extracted directly from already discarded and hopefully recycled CDs, some vynils and even cassette tapes! 😄

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Hi Devsk1892,

I often listen to Chinese and Japanese songs, and occasionally listen to American country songs.

Kind regards,
Fan Ci



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I primarily listen to classic rock, progressive rock being my most preferred genre of rock. Pink Floyd, Genesis, Phil Collins, Red Rider, Led Zeppelin, Journey are my favorite progressive rock artists. Pink Floyd my most favorite one and #1 band for me (and my boss' favorite). 80's synth-pop is also another good genre for me. Depeche Mode a second favorite band for me. I do like some of the new stuff like The Weeknd, Drake and Bad Bunny. 


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