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  1. Bought new trailers for the company figured buy a new truck to go along with it. Standard Scania R with a 450hp, 12 speed retarder and some side skirts. I know the painted letters on the wheels are pushing it. Also wanted to be first to get J-Spec with trailer ownership posted here. Edit: Opps I selected the wrong truck when getting this picture I accidentally chose the fake MP J-Spec look a like truck that has the V8 in it, and not the actual J-Spec truck that is identical besides interior and engine.
  2. I have a lot of mixed feelings about my experience. I started around Frankfurt do to not have garages farther south, so I took a load all the way up to Calais. I dropped the load off and found a load out of Dover down to Venezia luckily, so I could experience everything south of Frankfurt. So I leave Calais heading down the other way of the route seen no rules against it. Going down the Calais-Duisburg road Westbound almost to Duisburg a admin in police car blocked off westbound traffic going towards Duisburg and let eastbound towards Calais to go, I stop put 4 ways on to let people know from behind that there is stopped traffic. It didn't work I get rammed by a truck not pulling a trailer. The driver that rammed goes in the eastbound lane while traveling westbound so the wrong direction with trucks going eastbound towards him and almost goes head on with a truck traveling the correct direction, so the bad driver rams the truck in front of me to let him in right in front of an admin. Guess who gets kicked... Wrong I got kicked within the 1600km I drove not one collision happened worst thing I maybe did was go max 110km/h. In the kick the reason was blank so I sent a pm to admin that kicked me to see why I was kicked for sitting in traffic. The reason for kick was "You were not following the event route this is why you got kicked." Not 1 place have I've read that going from Calais to Venezia wasn't allowed not even in game admins said it. So i get kicked for doing something I didn't see that wasn't allowed but someone that was ramming and going in the wrong direction of traffic gets away perfectly fine. I'm pretty sure he didn't get kicked didn't see it in chat and he was pretty much gone from the place the admin blocked the road after he rammed me because he was the last truck to be let passed. Hopefully next event will be better, but the main problem is just to many people ramming and grieving which I understand there's not enough admins to remove them all. The few scenarios I seen was quite well just really annoyed that I get kicked for doing nothing wrong and it wasn't worth wasting time trying to get back into the server to see rest of it. EDIT: Don't want to much negative in this post but Thanks TMP for the few scenarios I was in it was great fun.
  3. I joined Mp May 1st or 2nd 2014. I still have messages from a friend of mine trying to help me register my CD Key on steam so I could play so that's why it may have been the 2nd since I was having an awful time. Man I sure do miss Collision zones in the drop offs and waiting literally 30+ minutes to drop off a load at Dusseldorf my home base. I also miss seeing trailer wheels not spinning. Profile says I joined December 9th 2014. If I remember correctly reason for that was at the start there was no account system and I took a break and came back there was an account system. and forums says I joined March 31 2015
  4. Sadly anymore you can get banned for it I remember a year or two ago me and a few others would set at the right hand curve going to Europort with Bright yellow trucks and beacons warning people to slow because it was heavily backed up and people would just fly around the turn and nail into 30 trucks before we started doing that. I can't exactly remember the names of a few admins that thanked us select few that took the time to help I sure do miss them days when mp was new and collisions on the drop offs and no spinning trailer wheels.
  5. i know this is sort of off topic but what towns are you seeing all these bad drivers except for Rotterdam because I'm on at peak hours and main bad drivers i see are people who wait till your almost at a intersection and then pull out in front of you anymore when i drive around i don't see what most the bad drivers you guys keep posting I would like to know because I laugh at how bad some drivers are.
  6. I usually don't give my opinions much on this forum but Gardener you act like you never made you mistake in your life or ets2mp. For instance i was banned for a week I think it was, for accidentally driving on wrong side of road and ramming someone because I loaded up and forgot I was in the UK my mistake I apologized and got banned/suspended for a week which I deserved guess what I never did it again. So giving someone 1 chance at all and once they do something wrong is bs and I'm very glad you ain't in charge of anything on ets2mp!
  7. Hello I haven't seen a topic that is like this if there is please let me know where. My problem is I live in the United States but I usually go on EU#1 because more people but I have friends that play in the US server and EU#2 and every time i try to join them severs it brings up Connecting to _______ Server then nothing ever happens and in the top right it says offline EU#1 Works perfectly fine connecting for me though. Please help
  8. I really doubt they would do escort cars but I came up with a solution a quite a while ago I took the Volvo FH and put a yellow and red Duellist paint scheme on put quite a few beacons on and lights I don't drive with much people anymore so the truck is useless for me and I never use it, but I made it for escort reasons when ets2mp first came out I never used it for harm or anything but just a fun truck to lead convoys or heavy loaded trucks with friends of mine, but I think if kids start making these trucks like I did it might turn out bad as if the cars were released for escorts. Sometimes you might of seen me on the shoulder going to euro-port to warn people there is back ups or slow moving traffic was that against the rules probably but I never caused harm with this truck.
  9. I still think it's funny that I have video proof that I was getting wrecked more with the limiter than when there was no limiter.
  10. Only way to find out if EU#1 would have more people without the speed limiter is to test it but i kind of doubt the moderators/admins and staff are going to do that.
  11. I'll just start videoing more i was just in eu1 and within a hour and a half i was pushed off the road 5 times! Only wreck i was in since they took limiter was 1 today that i caused because of me forgetting i was in Felixstowe.
  12. I agree with a few people switch over the server see if it has same count of people or see if they are going to a sever with the limiter so make EU1 no limiter EU2 with limiter see the result.
  13. Exactly what I did ran fast until i got close to somebody then ran slower but still fast enough to pass them when safe it sucks that we work hard to get loads and money to get fast trucks but now we only can do 90kmph with a truck that can go 140+. Also only ramming i saw today was me accidentally ramming someone because i forgot i was in UK and was on wrong side of road and hit them doing 30k.
  14. I don't see why everyone is complaining about the limiter i'm against it but to me the limiter seemed to have less wrecks do to the faster trucks are able to pass instead of people running side by side all the time. IMO Oh well the whiners will always win...
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