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  1. Duisburg service center Supervisor

    Hi. Going to say this in the most understandable way. No. Simply because we have to administrate all 3,500 people and not just a couple 100.
  2. Recruitments

    We will never directly recruit game administrators from players. This would leave us in a sticky situation of trust and how dedicated the candidate would be. By already being in the team, we have a good understanding of your personality and limits. From there we or PM's can make the decision of if you are ready for a trial admin position. Which will then be another test on your limits and dedication.
  3. Special Transport DLC

    ^ That will be discussed when the time comes. Something could happen like with doubles being restricted. However it has not been openly discussed yet.
  4. Someone get me this pls. I want it! :troll: 


    1. BombZ


      Looks nice :troll:

    2. PrototypeGR


      Nein Nein Nein

    3. Fading


      depends how much it is. and if you're willing to put your address on the interwebs ;) 

  5. Happy monday! Have a good week all.

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Happy Monday :) you 2 :)

  6. Which SERVER do you prefer?

    Usually wherever the work is (mostly eu2). However I like to play on the Eu3 server.
  7. What mistakes do you often make on TruckersMP?

    Not driving. I always forget to take a break and actually drive.
  8. New Rank: Game Administrator Leader

    Project Managers haven't checked the quotas since this was introduced in March (march i think). But that didn't affect the public hence why it was not announced.
  9. Just to clear some things up. This rank is not new and us TL's have had it for months. However due to a change in perms it means it had to go public. It wasn't public as it only affected IGA's really. However thanks for the "congratulations" i'm sure we all appreciate it.

    1. ThatCrazyPillow


      Congratulations :troll:

    2. BombZ


      I congratulate you :rolleyes:

  10. New ranks: Trial Moderator & Trial Media Team

    Trial Media Team is not needed. Media do not have crazy amounts to learn and permissions that are a lot to be trusted with. Media hire you for the skill you already have and you then use that skill. Trial Mod is not needed as it's not an issue. The reason for Trial IGA was so we can have more efficient IGA's. Media and Mod do not have a problem there.
  11. New rank: Trial Admin

    @Positivetrucking168 It's more to make sure the IGA's we have are fully prepared for every situation. With a trial period, the person on trial will have the opportunity to work closely with their IGA TL and learn while doing their dream role. IGA is full of learning and with someone introducing you to it with training, it can only lead to more efficient IGA's.
  12. What song are you currently listening to?

  13. Hier kommt die sonne @Bonnm :troll: 

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    2. Nameless Ghoul

      Nameless Ghoul

      Ich will

      Wir wollen dass ihr uns vertraut
      Wir wollen dass ihr uns alles glaubt
      Wir wollen eure Hände sehen
      Wir wollen in Beifall untergehen - ja

      Könnt ihr mich hören?
      Wir hören dich 
      Könnt ihr mich sehen?
      Wir sehen dich 
      Könnt ihr mich fühlen?
      Wir fühlen dich 
      Ich versteh euch nicht

      Könnt ihr uns hören?
      Wir hören euch
      Könnt ihr uns sehen?
      Wir sehen euch
      Könnt ihr uns fühlen?
      Wir fühlen euch
      Wir verstehen euch nicht

      Ich will

    3. DrEGZo


      You win

      I run out of songs :unsure:

    4. Nameless Ghoul

      Nameless Ghoul

      I got all the lyrics to every song up. ahaha.

  14. Three word story making...

    shoot the lonely
  15. Three word story making...

    Using Synth weapons
  16. Three word story making...

    with many RadRoach's
  17. Three word story making...

    annoy me and
  18. Can,t find double trailers ?

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  19. I can't put @?

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  20. The new reporting system

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  21. NCZ Extenstion on Scandinavia

    The Developers are aware NCZ's need to be fixed or changed. They will do it when they can and if it's needed in their eyes. We weren't expecting double to cause the issues they did with the NCZ's
  22. Downgrade

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  23. TruckersMP Ban History dots.

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  24. Server Config Changes

    @Killua // Ireland ^_^ This is indeed a simulation so cars do not have to be here, considering it's a trucking game. However they are here for a treat. But what players do not realise they are an issue for us iga's occasionally. We're not removing them because they're a nice feature. We're just trying to make them a safer experience for everyone. In a way we now have every type of server for you people to enjoy.