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  1. Thank you for the follow!

  2. Good Morning, hope everyone has a good day! 👋

  3. Good Morning people, 


    I probably should explain my departure from the TruckersMP Staff Team, people may be curious, so as you know I have now left the staff team, yes it was hard and it was not really what I wanted to be doing, however it was what was needed to be done, a few months ago I started my new job as a Delivery Driver, I was working 20 hours a week, but now the increase in demand for example more people ordering food due to Christmas or just panicking in general as they think there is a shortage in everything :kappa:, so my hours have now increased to 35-40 hours a week, so sadly I am unable to fulfil my roles within TruckersMP, however I will still own Project Cargo VTC, I am not leaving that, I will never leave that, but due to myself having a Girlfriend that I love and a new job that I love I need to focus more on my personal life, so that is why I have left the TruckersMP Staff Team so soon, thank you for the best 15 months on the team and the amount of people I have made friends with over that time, but everything comes to an end at some point, just mine has come sooner rather than later, I will be back, just not anytime soon due to my time constraints,


    Thank you for reading,

    [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP,

    TruckersMP Retired Team Member.

    1. XeoNN


      Thank you for trying your best, I wish you well in this working process, I hope we can see you here again. :)) ❤️ 

    2. RedWolf_TMP


      Thank you so much for everything, what you have done for TMP, you are good person. I also have a girlfriend, so I know what it all entails  and I hope, you will come back as soon as possible 🙂 




    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Thx for all your work in the team and best of luck for the future ❤️ we will miss you 😢 hope you will return someday 🙂

  4. Take care dude! ❤️


    1. [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      Thank you, I will be back some day!

  5. Sad to see you leave 😞

    1. [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      Thank you, I will be back some day in the future!

  6. We will miss you Harvey, hopefully you come back soon ❤️

    1. [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      Thank you, it was hard to leave the team but I will be back some day in the future!

  7. Sorry to see you go! Thank you for what you've done and I hope to see you back soon!

    1. [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      Thank you and good luck within your role on the TruckersMP Team!

  8. We go miss you! Keep safe and the TruckersMP community appreciates your work. We hope to see you soon. 🥺

    1. [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      Thank you, I appreciate the kind words, yes I may be a bit more inactive but when I come back I will make sure I do more than I did this time round!

  9. Keep safe! We go miss you!

    1. [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      Thank you, I will be back some time in the future!

    2. Lexora.


      I'm Waiting For Your Good News!

  10. Sad to see you leave 🥺

    Take care ❤️

    1. [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      Thank you, I will be sure to be back so that not everyone will miss me anymore!

  11. We will miss you❤️

    1. [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      Don't miss me too much :kappa: as I will be back in the future!

  12. Take care ❤️ 

    1. [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      I will thank you James, keep up the great work within the TruckersMP Team and I look forward to see what you complete within the team, I may become a little bit more inactive but I will explain in a small post here and on the discord server just so people dont feel left out, go out and ban some people!

  13. Noooo, not Harvey 😭

    Take care ❤️

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