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  1. DAF for a Difference😛


  2. Repainted my Volvo 🥰👀 


  3. Love your streams rescue! Mostly I like when the community get to drive with you.
  4. Before the Oceanside Logistics Convoy tonight! 🥰


  5. Thanks for the follow kek 😉🙂

  6. Yeah when they come to TMP I will definitely try driving with the new Renualt, I use the older version of the Renault T sometimes too
  7. My new Volvo 🥰


    1. HGraves


      Loving the blue :love:

    2. wesleyr99


      Blue is GG

    3. [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      Very nice truck you have there, nice blue :woah:

  8. I have to agree with some other people, I'm not an Iveco fan
  9. I thought these vehicles were a fun addition for April Fools day
  10. Yeah I agree, I do prefer some more basic skins with simple colours as they seem more realistic to me
  11. I'm not going to agree with other people that C-D road is the best , but for me I like the UK on Promods. On base map I prefer Scandinavia and the Black Sea area.
  12. My new Scania with Local Mods at a bridge in Norway 🇳🇴🥰


    1. [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      That's a very nice looking truck!

  13. Congrats 🥳

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