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  1. Thank you! so usefull
  2. i think the most veterans can buy the totall maps garages its not too good idea with the newest players.
  3. i think not just on that way, whats the oppinion about to create a switch on invisibly mode with youse one button?
  4. if you share your internet its little complicated, but if u need to share , you can go in the game with a totaly ghost mode, and after when the game notice to you can get a better internet access, the system turns on your invisibility
  5. Its so cool, u can get informed so easyly and connect with someones
  6. I got it, you can check so faster what can someone write or not! u can check the activity of response, reply
  7. I think we need to switch a turn on mode of visibilyty like ghost, when u ride in the road, and some of the convoy peoples hit you when u try to go further than nex to them, yesterday in my 2. day of game last one convoy man used 2 lines to get crashed behing him, and i cant do nothing bc he used all brakes so fastly, and he caused me 100% damage. Whats your oppinion about this?
  8. Yes its a good idea, and another idea to give another brand cars which we can vote in the forum topic
  9. Hello, yes its a good tabs to recommend maybe a cargo companyes, u can create a virtual new tabs of the virtual company , or just creat a tabs where u can write a short tips how do ride well
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