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  1. Yes, in the control panel. We are currently working with other developers in the community to make ETCARS better. I can't say much now, but there are items in development behind the scenes. ETCARS will have a user-configurable API endpoint for delivery publishing/hooking. This should allow projects like VTLog(LogIT) or TrucksBooks to utilize ETCARS.
  2. ETCARS is a revolutionary plugin built by developers for developers. The plugin exposes game data using sockets on the local machine. This allows for network connections to receive event based data from the game. The plugin is free, open-source, and available for anyone to use to make awesome creations, such as auto loggers, displays, or linking into LEDs on a raspberry pi. The goal of this plugin is to also simplify the number of plugins out there reporting data. And because ETCARS uses a socket instead of a file, multiple clients can connect simultaneously without impacting game performance! You can learn more on the dedicated website https://etcars.menzelstudios.com and visit the forums for additional help: https://forums.menzelstudios.com Hopefully you as developers will find this useful and will help simplify your developments when it comes to getting data exported from ETS2 and ATS! March 19th, 2018 Update: I have released a massive update to ETCARS. This update includes a linux shared object file(so) which is the equivalent of a windows dll, that can be installed on linux systems and will work with both ETS2 and ATS. Simply follow the instruction in the readme or on the website for details. I've also added a lot of new data to the plugin, featuring wheel data, trailer data, advanced trailer, cabin, and hook positioning data. The current future plans are to add Ferries, Trains and job saving. The current release version is 0.12. April 6th, 2019 Update: Updates continue to roll out and I can't believe it's been more than a year since launching this project. Not many projects have picked this up but there are a few interesting things that I've been contacted about regarding this project. I'm hoping soon someone will take this project and fly with it. The benefits are there and soon, an even more reliable service that can hopefully be utilized by even more people. Our forums have gone through many cycles lately due to themes, support, and stability. I continue to run support and further the development of this amazing project.
  3. If you want to see what it takes to make a plugin, checkout my youtube channel. I do a lot of development and gaming stuff. Currently working on new platform for job logging that will hopefully simplify everything for everyone's platforms.
  4. Now to do some basic 2d image rendering on a raspberry pi :)


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      Maybe @Google knows

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      Google is my left hand man. :)

  5. I hate seeing favoritism in action. Just because it's closed-source doesn't make it harmful. A mod for TruckNet is a mod for TruckNet. I show a mod I wrote and get shot down because I can't include a copy of TruckNet in my mod?? Or you just want to see the trip logger code I wrote? Okay. Let's see WOTRDB...their source is merely the Telemetry Server source with none of their own in the zip file. Surrreeeeeeee......that's valid.

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      I know. I just have so much frustration. I'm just happy I'm going to school for programming and in an actual programming course that actually meets requirements. If there is anything to know about me, it's that I hate rules, I disagree with how society operates and I just like proving that I can be different, I can excel, and I can break away from traditional societal influences and just be me. I've tried changing me for society or for more professionalism and it's not good. I'd rather be me and if people take issue with it, it's not my fault. Also, I'm not trying to hate, it's just one example, not directed at WOTRDB specifically. If I can't even get PHP code published, then I don't see why I should be developing for this community. I'm a damn good programmer and I know it, otherwise I wouldn't be in school and I wouldn't be getting asked already to work on projects at my college. I just disagree with some of the fundamentals of how the multiplayer community operates in general. Like I said I'm not trying to call out specific projects or anything, just letting off my frustration.

    3. TheUnknownNO


      Just to clarify, WOTRDB's LogIt triplogger is not anywhere close to the telemetry server source, nor does it come in a zip file. Acctually, there is no zip file nowhere close to that software.
      LogIt is made as a pure, custom, DLL plugin for the game. I presume that you think we are using the tour-o-matic triplogger, which was based on telemetry server, but no. We are not, and WOTRDB has never done that, but TOM had.

    4. thekirito


      No, I actually had my projects mixed up, it's the Virtual Trucking Manager or whatever they call themselves. I'm just sick of being denied postings because I prefer to keep my servers secured. If it's source code people want to see then maybe I'll remove all my urls, keys, encryption/decryption, send/receive functions, login /authentication methods, external library references and then show the source code. Would that change people's minds(unfortunately the above mentioned methods, logic and functions would greatly pose a threat to the security of the servers were they to be posted as open-source)?

  6. hypocrites be real

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      Rules are rules, and they are there for a reason.

    3. thekirito


      "Society says you should be miserable, follow all rules and laws."
      Percentage of people who follow that: <50%


      I continue to push the limits of society simply because I won't change who I am, how I operate or my morals because someone says I should.


  7. the hate is real. can we all just be friends and not get worked up over something that hasn't even been decided on?

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