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  1. Hey, I was going to make this in the Developer Portal but I can't seem to post there, so I'm just going to post it here in hopes that a nice staff member will move it for me, thanks So, I'm learning and practising C++ and was making a sort of Telematics system like what lots of insurance companies give new drivers IRL (where I live at least) so that their insurance premium can go down if they're good drivers. I want to mainly test and use this system on TruckersMP as opposed to Singleplayer, but I can not really find any info on whether theres an anticheat, or what type of anticheat it is. So my question is, will I get banned at all for doing things like attaching console to my ETS game and reading any specific info, or does the anticheat only ban for specifically memory editing? Thanks for any help
  2. Well, I dont know why but after reinstalling a 2nd time the game fixed itself, thanks for the help anyways!
  3. Hi, my game was working fine today until I restarted my game to enable console, because there were no jobs available on my game, after relaunching my game and resetting the economy, I found that my FOV and resolution had gone weird https://i.gyazo.com/7e4cce96d173062514706a42bcf827d1.jpg I cant work out why, I have tried reinstalling the game, and deleting my ETS 2 folder in documents, thanks for any help.
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