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  1. Python to EXE

    PyInstaller og py2exe are my goto tools for this task (Either one of them will get the job done)
  2. The Lazy Truckers

    Just to clarify the issue @TairikuOkami[SK] was/is having. You do not acctually have the dependencies installed, you have the minimal and additionall runtime packages but not the acctuall redistributable package installed, which is the one LogIt requires The downloads for it is/was not linked on so you would have to search them up yourself.
  3. Can't register a new account

    Steam is currently experiencing issues third-party openID logins. This means that any website that uses steam authentication may face that their users are having issues logging in. (Like the TruckersMP new account creation, VTLOG, cs:go betting sites, anything...) There isnt a known fix to this problem, nor is there a known estimate on when it will be fixed. The issue has been ongoing for over 10 hours now. We can only speculate what went wrong but at the end of the day the issue lies with steam and their authentication service, meaning that there is litterly nothing we or TMP can do about this issue.
  4. Actively getting AI and Driver data

    You can use the SCS SDK to get data regarding the player, but not AI traffic that I know of.
  5. How to make a job logger

    @brandonlea To start off with, you need to have decent knowledge of C++ and know how to make plugins for ETS2/ATS. There are no specific guides out there on how to do this. You also need to understand how the SCS SDK works, and how to integrate it into your application. This is obviously if you want to make everything from scratch, there is a pre-made telemetry plugin which allows you to just make an external program that accesses the telemetry data via memory. You need to make all the logic that decides when a job is done, started, etc. You will also need a server side application to receive data from the logger. HTML isnt going to get you that far here other than displaying information. You will need to know a language like PHP, NodeJS, etc.
  6. @[TUG] White Wolf There was an issue which caused the launchers API to give invalid responses, making the launcher crash upon starting up. These issues have now fixed and it should be all good again! Additionally, a patch will be released soon to address the issue and stop it from happening again! ~ TheUnknownNO
  7. Startparameters to direct start ETS2MP

    To directly start the truckersMP mod (without going through their launcher) you need to write a DLL Injector to inject the core DLL into the game process. You need to start the game process (eurotrucks2.exe), then halt it so you can inject the core dll (core_ets2mp.dll) into the game process and then resume the game process.
  8. Of course you are able to launch MP with this tool The only requirement is that you have installed TMP using their installer atleast once. After that this launcher is able to maintain and update your installation of TMP.
  9. Long time, no update! Added a completely new mode to the launcher called "simple mode" for those of you who just wants something pretty to look at while, while being a powerfull tool when you need it! The first time you use the launcher after this update you will be prompted to select a mode, and you are able to change it within the settings. The mode is currently.. Quite simple, but for the next update I want to add up a very simple server status view to it. Didn't include it this update as I am doing a larger update of the server status system. Screenshot of simple mode: You can download the update here, or let the launcher update itself Changelog: - Simple mode added ~ TheUnknownNO
  10. Retire South American Server

    I dont think you scrolled far enough down. Just look at the yearly stats. 18 Days ago it had 226 players on it. The pie graph will show 0 as its the current live amount, whilst the first graphs only show a week back. And the server has been having issues for atleast a week now. I would say its fairly active, when it properly works, looking at the yearly graph.
  11. ETS 2 and ATS maps merge

    Just the technical challenges of doing this would alone suggest that this wont happen. First off, TruckersMP would have to merge the map files and such. However TruckersMP is known for not touching anything close to the games basefiles. You'd also have to take into account that you would need both ETS2 and ATS assets for the maps to properly work and there isnt any known method of getting the games to share their assets. This would mean TruckersMP has to include said assets in the mod, but they can't do that due to legal implications. They can't share assets for paid software for free. And there couldnt just be 4 servers. Sure there could be 4 servers for the merged map, but it wont be possible for someone who just owns one game to join, since others might be on that server who use assets that are not in their game, which will result in crashing. Tbh, ETS2 and ATS are two completely diffrent games at the core of it. I would say the problem here isnt getting the servers to accept it, but rather the clients of us who wants to play. It's closer to impossible than possible. Dont take me wrong, its a cool idea and would be awesome if it worked, its just the technical challenges behind it that won't make it possible anytime soon.
  12. [V3.0][UI Packs][Fonts] TruckersMP UI Changer

    New update! I've released version 3.0 for you to download from here. The tool can now take the UI Pack ZIP file and automaticly work out what files to replace and create backups of! Changelog: - Changed UI Pack patcher to use ZIP files ~TheUnknownNO
  13. Mad that the new launcher wont allow for custom UI Packs? Fear not! The Unofficial TruckersMP Launcher got you covered! Allows for UI Packs, automatic updates of the mod and many more features!


    1. derpatrick9
    2. Kat_pw


      We're already working on supporting official texture modifications and fonts ;)

  14. Update time again! This time the automatic updates and all that is back! Automatic updates now work that they will see what files have been updated and only download what you need! IMPORTANT: Modifications to files in UI and Fonts folders (UI Packs) are allowed but have to be done following this guide: Alternatively you can use another tool of mine, which automaticly creates the files you update with it! The TruckersMP UI Changer You can download the update here, or let the launcher update itself Changelog: - Readded automatic updates, with support for UI packs ~ TheUnknownNO
  15. TruckersMP UI Changer By TheUnknownNO Annoyed by the latest update where your UI skins went away? Fear not! This application gives you an easy and user friendly way to change them back! How to use it: If you are using the official launcher you will need to first open it, let it update the game files, then run this utility to customize your game. Sadly this has to be done every time you want to play the game when you use the official launcher. If you use my unofficial launcher it will recognize that you have patched the UI with this tool and not reset and redownload all the files,while still allowing for automatic updates of the game Features: - Patch all UI Files from a zipped UI Pack - Change fonts Planned features: None Download links: Latest release V3.0 Source code Licenced under the MIT licence