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    Speed issues

    I thought it would be better to raise the speed limit to 130km. It takes a while to overtake a slower truck.
  2. I've been looking for this method too. It was very helpful. Thank you.
  3. Iberia's DLC isn't out yet. I don't have the map DLC yet, but I'm going to buy the Iberia DLC first.
  4. I love the MAN TGX E6 tracks, so I'm always riding the MAN TGX E6 tracks.
  5. Very easy to understand. Thank you.
  6. LINEAGE.exe


    I was listening to the music and enjoying the delivery, but the hacker blew it up, damaged it and flipped it over, I hit F7+Enter and the package disappeared. Where did your luggage go? It could not be resumed with a quick save.
  7. Today is April Fool's Day, so I'll be back when April 2nd rolls around.
  8. Yes, it's very noisy. If there are too many people in the vicinity, it will break your ears, and the in-game moderator says that you can turn it off by setting the Tab key
  9. The sounds of the cows and the frogs were very loud, but I thought it was interesting!
  10. oh!! Thank you Also, why is it that there are so many people on the server but no one around me?
  11. LINEAGE.exe


    I started ETS a week ago. I have a question. What do I get my forum points for? There are a lot of people on the server, but I haven't had much experience with people. [...]
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