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  1. Happy Birthday 🥳

    1. "ESER 58"

      "ESER 58"

      Thank you so much 🖤

  2. Doğum Günün Kutlu olsun 🎂

    1. "ESER 58"

      "ESER 58"

      Teşekkür ederim hocam sağolun 🖤

  3. Happy birthday to you 🥳

    1. "ESER 58"

      "ESER 58"

      Thank you so much 🖤

  4. Doğum günün kutlu olsun 🥳

    1. "ESER 58"

      "ESER 58"

      Teşekkür ederim hocam sağolun.. 🙃

  5. Guest

    Çok İyi Bir İnsandır Allah Ayağına Taş Değdirmesin Gardaşımın


    1. "ESER 58"

      "ESER 58"

      EYW gülüm sağolasın 🥰

  6. Hello My first computer was a 2010 model Toshiba. It had an Intel i3 processor, 4GB of ram and 250GB of storage.
  7. ❤️ I don't need a psychologist, I just need to see you.





  8. Thanks for the follow

    1. "ESER 58"

      "ESER 58"

      Don't mention it. Have a nice day ?

  9. Hi thanks for follow ?

  10. Hello I agree with your thoughts about the traffic that exists in the game. As you said, there is a lot of unnecessary traffic at the gas station entrances and exits. Fixing this issue can put anyone who uses the DC route at ease. To solve the problem, a larger area can be reserved for gas stations or a new road can be built for gas stations away from the main road. Thank you for raising the issue. ? I wish you a good day. Kind Regards ESER 58 TruckersMP Driver
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