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  1. Mercado de Frete não aparece!

    Exato, isso deve ajudar bastante
  2. Servidor para testes de mods.

    Parece ser uma boa, porém acho que seria trabalho demais para toda a equipe de desenvolvedores ficar testando mods, ao invés de corrigir os erros já presentes na atual situação do TMP
  3. Auto kick for CB Abuse

    Probably this wouldn't work because most of in game reports dont receive attention due the amount of incidents
  4. Auto kick for CB Abuse

    I think it would be easier for the system detect the button than the loud noises btw, i can't say who was a bad mic and is making loud noises may its not a spam you know...
  5. for Special Transport DLC

    It's really interesting, but i already can see trolls on C-D with those trailers
  6. Automatically kick players who spam their horn

    I Totally agree with Mr.Ajith, the horn spam can easily reported on the website and the C-D is not the best place to have a nice and safe trip.
  7. Better Warning Driving Without Light

    +1 Great idea bro
  8. [VOTE] Do you think /fix command is useful ?

    The only useful thing that could be done with this new command, its an situation that you are in a convoy and you got you truck broken, and you dont wanna leave your friends pressing f7+enter...
  9. Nova maneira de distribuir caminhões

    Acho bem dificil isso acontecer, uma vez que não seria fácil ter licensa pra colocar esses caminhões antigos no jogo, enquanto eles estão ocupados com os novos! Mas é uma boa ideia
  10. Auto kick for CB Abuse

    I think there it is an way, actually, the spamming thing will be detected when you press the button, its like a scrip or something, that would detect the spam when you press many times. Thanks for the support! ^_^
  11. Auto kick for CB Abuse

    I'm very happy that all of you guys, liked my idea! That's what i'm looking for an safe and comfortable trip with no problems. Of course the delay time is something that could be changed with no problems, thats just a initial idea that i had
  12. Auto kick for CB Abuse

    It is impossible that could happen, only if you are talking to your friend in a way that you will be spamming the CB Radio.
  13. Auto kick for CB Abuse

    Suggestion Name: Auto kick for CB Abuse Suggestion Description: Everyone gets mad when someone keeps pressing the button to use the CB Radio, just for make noise, not for talk. I had an idea that could fix this thing, and it won't happen anymore. The base for my thing is, you kown when you send a lot of messages on the chat, and this player gets a delay from the server for spamming, thats should be the first advise or delay for pressing the button many times just for make the CB Radio noise. If the player keeps pressing after the "delay", he would be automatically kicked for CB Abuse, just like the kick system for ghost driving. Any example images: HOW SHOULD WORK Why should it be added?: Should be added to help players who just freak out with this thing and offer some support for admins instead of deal with reports on TMP website, this should fix the problem automatically. I bet you hate this:
  14. Videos from Multiplayer

    New video guys! Hope you like it..
  15. Sons

    Todo esse trabalho envolvendo física, sons, mapa, está relacionado à SCS, acho difícil o TMP se responsabilizar por proporcionar esse realismo no jogo, além da experiência online.