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  1. Congratulations. Baby admin now. 

  2. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. 

  3. Thanks for the follow 

  4. Rest in peace Speedy (Legend). So sad to not see you around any more.  You will be missed by all. ?

  5. Thanks for the follow 

    1. InactiveLapis


      Np and thank you aswell

  6. Happy Birthday 

  7. ets2_20220323_203046_00.png


    Me and @TreesFamilyMember at todays. BVAR Trucking Convoy. 

    1. 'HeavenN.


      Brilliant Photo And Trucks! :HaulieLove:

    2. TreesFamilyMember


      I enjoyed the convoy! Lovely seeing you!

    3. Changas!


      Nice trucks!!

  8. Happy Birthday 


  9. thanks for the follow


  10. happy Birthday 

  11. thanks for the follow

  12. Happy Birthday 

    1. Polyxena


      Thank you very much Geology! ?

  13. Thanks for the follow 


    1. v8Smokin


      You're very welcome! ?

  14. Happy birthday 

    1. Alon_TMP


      thank you   ❤️

  15. Happy  Christmas  everyone  hope  you  all  have  a great  day today. 

  16. Thanks  for the follow 


  17. thanks for the follow

  18. thanks for the follow

    1. Gani.


      You are welcome

  19. Thanks for the follow

  20. Thanks for the follow

    1. [Bars] No Fear

      [Bars] No Fear

      I would be very happy if you follow me.

  21. thanks for the follow

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