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  1. Happy birthday! 

  2. Gestern war ich in Island unterwegs und da waren viele unterwegs und es staute sich auch mal des öfteren auf Grund des Schnees. Kann ich nur empfehlen dort entlang zu fahren, tolle Aussichten!
  3. 15 Temmuz Destani..

  4. Glückwunsch! Du wirst sicher gute Arbeit leisten, so wie man es von dir kennt B)

    1. Linciano


      Ich gebe mein Bestes :D Danke dir Apo :wub:

  5. Ob das Update gut oder schlecht war, kann jeder für sich beantworten, finde ich. Wenn du etwas verändern würdest, dann schlage ich vor schreibst du hier einen Feedback. Bezüglich der Farben: Die rote und blaue Farbe spielt keine Rolle. Es werden hier lediglich die erlaubten Kombinationen dargestellt. Außerdem steht dort, dass sich die Art und Länge der Sattelauflieger variieren können. Bezüglich HCT und FMT: Beide sind erlaubt, jedoch nicht in Form von Double- oder Tripleanhängern, da dein LKW dann zu lang wird. Wenn du also nichts umstellst, bist du sicher.
  6. So I tried out your application system as well as the ones from other VTC's since I am looking for a new company anyway. On the one hand, I received an answer in no time which is really great. But on the other hand, your reason was: We have reviewed your application, unfortunately you have not been accepted this time. This is because you have not provided enough information about yourself. - hm.. how come? It might be because you allow up to 250 characters and I used all 250 characters and wasn't able to provide more information. Just thought I'd let you know if you weren't aware of it. Nevertheless, good luck with your company!
  7. Hättet ihr einen anderen Namen, hätte ich es mir vielleicht überlegt. Aber euch trotzdem viel Glück!
  8. Hi @Damiana_Sola, Unfortunately, I am not an expert. However, I can tell you that I kinda had the same problem. Whenever I logged in, I had a steady and low ping. After a while, I got kicked out of the game and also from Teamspeak, even my ping was still around 10-15 ms. My problem was the so-called packet loss. Therefore, I'd suggest you to check your ping and your packet loss at different times. Check if your router is next to other electronical devices, check if your neighbors are in the same channel just like you and most importantly (because this helped me) check if your internet is set as "as fast as possible" or "as stable as possible". My internet (100k) was set as as fast as possible, when I have chosen the the middle one of those two options, it fixed everything for me. I don't know where you live, which ISP you have and so forth. Therefore, I can't help you out with where to find those settings but I'd suggest to just ask your ISP again. Good luck!
  9. Booked everything for my vacation in Antalya! July can now come even faster. :110:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. apoo


      Well, if you have contacts (like my family) you can get there for few money. :p

  10. „The right part of my truck went upwards and I lost the control over my vehicle eventually.“ Sana baska türlü yardim edebilirsem, bana mutlaka ulas.
  11. Evet. Adi üstünde tehlikeli sollama - zarar gelsede, gelmesede bazi yerlerde yasak.
  12. Well, if he did it on purpose and nobody else was there other than the two of you, then I‘d say it was him breaking the rules. However, I do not see a reason to overtake someone on a road with just one lane on each side. What about curves, constructions, road grades or unseen incoming traffic or other dangers? Because I haven‘t seen a truck overtaking another truck on such road IRL and I am glad. For me, it seems like he was just trolling you since you were about to overtake him just because you were faster than him.
  13. Merhaba @beratkara4846, TMP kurallari sorularina cevapi 2.2’den 2.5‘e kadar veriyor. Duruma göre ya kick yada ban yemeye sorun olabilir yani.
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