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  1. Ciao Marco, ho visto che quando alcune persone scrivono un commento, sotto gli esce una specie di descrizione, come faccio a metterla?


    1. Soryn Official

      Soryn Official

      Ciao @Denis_ . Da qui è possibile aggiungere: Clicca qui  .

  2. Mica si sa la data per la 1.35 su tmp?

    1. marco6158


      Al momento non abbiamo notizie.

  3. just edit my profile, now i am  Aeshtetic

  4. Suggestion Name: Variable message sign Suggestion Description: actually, theres a lot of people playing tmp, this means theres a lot of traffic, which means a lot of accidents, well, a variable message sign would be cool, and useful, because tag is not really realistic. Why should it be added?: For informing people there is an accident or something else ahead Any example images?: yes
  5. Hi, so, today is the 5th anniversary of truckersmp, who released many events like convoys, etc. but they released a server for five days, TMP5 (No Road Rules this is like the server that ever player has dreamed in his life, for police cars, making his own events, fun, etc. not all players cannot cry knowing the server is only temporary, so, please truckersmp, can you make it permanent? And name it Europe 5 (Freeroom)? king regards, Denis.
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