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  1. Well, to be honest with you - IF TruckersMP would've an internal Logger (which is possible) I'd rather use the internal one than other Services like TB, SpedV, VTLog and whatever. But since not every VTC has Multiplayer-Player, those players need to have either the possibility to use an own Tracker, made from TMP or they don't track. But the main aspect would be AWESOME
  2. *hugs Inklink* Denk dran, nach jedem Wochenende ist wieder vor einem Wochenende PS: Abonniert mich für mehr nutzlose fakten *derpy*
  3. Thank you for your follow 🙂 

    1. sDev (REC)(G27)

      sDev (REC)(G27)

      I appreciate it and am happy to have you as a follower. 🥂

  4. Mittlerweile wird es aber ^^ War wohl ein Portierungsfehler, der recht rasch gefixt wurde :3
  5. My opinion is, that it was time about that ATS/ETS2 got their own native Multiplayer. Why? It's pretty easy - let me explain. Why the native MP is good? Well, not everyone likes many players and prefer smaller groups to drive with and enjoying the time together. The best example is me. SCS' Convoy sums up as good because: - *native* Multiplayer, no Mods needed to play with others - supports AI Traffic - supports Mods (coming but not available) - has a limit of 8 Players included the Host - the Host is automatically the Admin and this one can choose who is Mod or not SCS' Convoy sums up as bad because: - it is dependent of the host's internet connection - means, if you have BambooNet, it will be quite horrendous - it has just a limit of 8 Players included the Host TruckersMP sums up as good because: - supports selected Mods (ProMods, seasonal Mods from Grimes - driveable AI (Alternating Vehicles) - has literally no player limits, but there are concurrent > 10.000 players on over 6 Servers - has a good and dedicated Team of Staff Members who are handling everything fine, so the "Machine" runs without any issues - is not dependent of any player's speed and just of the Host's one - unless OVH is catching fire again, then everything will have a burned ping (sorry, had to write that ) - has over 4 Million registered Users and it's constantly growing - it's the most stablest Alpha-Version I've ever seen (compared to other Alpha-Versions) TruckersMP sums up as bad because: - supports just selected Mods - sometimes unstable Servers (yeah, the Host can be the issue or the server itself is just dying again) - if the server is full, you have to wait for a queue - some Staff Members are black sheeps (rarely) - it's not native Means, you can't compare a little FS19 MP with a Massive Multiplayer with > 10.000 Players concurrently on one day. But both are good in my opinion
  6. THanks for the follow ❤️


  7. Hey there, I have many playlists, but this one is now my main one with some entrypoints of it. However, it will be extended literally daily (or at least I try to) Here is the URL to it:
  8. Thank you for your follow 🙈

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      You're welcome!

  9. Suggestion Name: Add more space to write on our TruckersMP Bio Suggestion Description: Some people really design their Profile on TruckersMP and 300 Chars aren't that much. Therefore (perhaps Patreon-Exclusive) add more space to design our Bio on our profiles. Any example pictures: n/a Why should it be added?: As some people like to design their Profile, 300 Chars aren't really that much. However, it would be cool, if we Patreons (or all) could add more to our Bio. Kind Regards, Newt
  10. Ja das stimmt durchaus - der Discord von TruckersMP ist da weitaus lebendiger, wenn man nur vom Deutschen Kanal spricht ^^
  11. Also ich gebe auch mal meinen Senf dazu ab Grundlegend, TruckersMP bleibt immer der "Hauptmultiplayer" in sachen mit mehr als tausenden Spielern gleichzeitig am Server. Der SCS Convoy dahingehend ist ja nur für ein paar Freunde (was ist das und kann man das essen? *dumm stell* ) Klar, der Convoy-Modus hat so einige Dinge an sich, die ich auch gerne im MP hätte wie z.B. die syncronisierten zufälligen Baustellen oder syncronisiertes Wetter (sofern eingeschaltet) oder eben die Funktion, dass man auch da immer dieselbe Fracht haben kann. Lediglich ist es aber so, dass TruckersMP *nicht* den Source-Code hat und daher extern eingreifen muss, damit alles funktioniert. Nur auch das hat seine Limits und man kann bei weitem nicht alles "manipulieren". Aktuell ist es so, dass TruckersMP keinen bezahlten Developer hat, der da den ganzen Tag dran sitzt und arbeitet - zumindest noch nicht (wenn man sich die News durchließt) Aber wenn ich mir das so ansehe, dann denke ich, dass TruckersMP dieses und kommendes Jahr viel vor sich hat Kurzgesagt - beide "Systeme" haben ihre vor als auch nachteile
  12. Thank you for your follow! 🙂 

    1. m3rcyftw


      Youre welcome ^^

  13. Hallo Johnyboy1984, soweit ich richtig liege, will TruckersMP genau das machen, nur da es einige Hürden gibt, diese zu bewältigen, kommt es vorerst noch nicht. Aber ich unterstütze deine Idee voll und ganz, das wäre definitiv etwas, was man machen kann um die VTCs zu supporten Freundliche Grüße, Newt
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