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  1. Unfortunately I hadn't time on this weekend, only watched the stream (Which was very good btw). I would have loved to participate again, these Racing Championship events are a lot of fun, please keep them up (At least until I become champion one day).
  2. Congrats to the winner and all other participants who made it into the final. Thanks to the TruckersMP team for organazing this event, I had a lot of fun! Here's a video of the final race, which I've recorded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKtQrlDF5A4
  3. Thank you guys for this event! I was glad to participate and had a lot of fun. Congrats to Slavik_32RUS who won the race! I wasn't able to catch up to him. Waiting for the next Racing Championship event, hopefully in ETS2 then... Here's a video of the final race which I've recorded: You may be interested in how it looked like from drivers perspective. Many Greetings T0bias!
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