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    • he was with a tri train in calais take a thing with him from a ban ok



  1. Have a good night, my friend

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Good Night ;) 

  2. blob:https://imgur.com/2c66add4-0aaf-4947-9d44-3d498a84fef5

  3. blob:https://imgur.com/2c66add4-0aaf-4947-9d44-3d498a84fef5

  4. look 




  5. Thanks for follow !

  6. thanks for the follow ;)

  7. good night everyone from MP will ta live on youtube today

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Good Night ;) 

  8. translator, anything is here for help

  9. translator, anything is here for help

  10. TNT - MikeST 088 I give you I find his id number and 2482538
    I want you to please take a step


    see the video there, ok buddy


  11. How do you take ban out of my friend please, he's new to the game too?

    1. Positivetrucking168


      Hello there Martins02,

      I would kindly like to remind you that the forum is not the proper place to be discussing either your bans or your friend's bans - the reason being is that we want to make sure that disputes regarding anybody's bans are kept out of the forums and dealt with personally through the proper channels.


      Information in ban appeals are only to be generally discussed between the friend himself and the GM that banned him since the ban affects just your friend and not you in this case, however if your friend is unfamiliar with the ban appeal system, tell him to go to the appeal system at http://truckersmp.com/appeals


      You can point him to this knowledge-base article for more information on how to do this here: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/1


      Thank you for your understanding. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.




      Community Moderator on the Forums