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  1. Thank you for the follow! ❤️

  2. Good morning everyone, the only thing that would make sense is to increase the speed limit on the server and make the area around calais and Duisburg(and the CD Road) a zone where the maximum speed is 110. Or just leave it as it is at the moment.
  3. OMG really nice Update, thank you so much
  4. Happy Birthday James 

  5. Ello

    1. ...AdamCat


      @berechtigterIt's not right to make assumptions, as this may just be a completely different person!!

    2. berechtigter


      I have enough evidences but ya

  6. Thank you for the follow! ❤️

  7. Thank you very much for the follow! ❤️

    1. Callum455


      You're Welcome❤️

  8. Thank you for the follow! ❤️

  9. Thanks for the follow! ❤️

    1. ghostcz1997


      i zaco


  10. Thank you for the follow! ❤️

  11. Thank you for the follow! ❤️

  12. Finally you are Media staff, I am proud of you Congratulations

    1. Mingran7


      Thank uuuu ❤️

  13. Thank you for the follow! ❤️

  14. Thank you for the follow! ❤️

  15. Thank you for the follow! ❤️

  16. I am very excited to see what great update you will bring us
  17. Many thanks to all who have congratulated me. And thank you @TARK777 @Kaby70 and @.Stan


    1. .Pedro.


      Nice photo!

    2. pofii


      Nice photo 🙂 

  18. Happy Birthday ❤️

  19. Congrats my boi, good luck in your new position

  20. Welcome back ❤️ :pepelove:

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