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  1. Well, this is unlucky. He didn't do anything wrong and you neither. No one wants to put anyone in danger or to be lagging there. I can see people will try to tell you to keep distance but you weren't trying to close the gap. There is no way you can guess that he is a lagger (high ping doesn't necessary mean that player is a lagger) and by the way he overtook you, there wasn't anything suspicious or could catch your attention to be aware of. This is life, stick with it.
  2. Miyu*

    Ruin The Wish

    Welcome back to 1999. Your old neighborhood is still there. There are 22 years difference between now and 1999, and you will use another 22 years go back. You are now 44 years older than your neighborhood and friends, and they don't want to play with you because they don't recognize you anymore. I wish the coronavirus pandemic will be gone soon and no one has to die for that anymore.
  3. Miyu*

    Ruin The Wish

    There you go. Bill has been sent to your home. I wish all players don't have to be banned anymore.
  4. 13 seems to be unlucky, so I will take it.
  5. Answer: Introduce a server with Ai traffic + collisions enabled but only for the players who have no active bans (no bans in 1 year. Just to make sure no one will use the AI traffic to create chaos) Question: ↑ Sounds like a good suggestion? ↑
  6. By default, the beacon can be triggered using the "O" key on your keyboard. If you have the beacons installed on your truck, you can use this key to switch them on or off.
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