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  1. I never really thought about this sort of thing but now you mention it I think it would actually be quite a nice thing to have. Just a selection of flags to choose from in the tab menu. +1 from me EDIT: Having read more of the replies to this post, some people do actually raise some good points against them; such as them being too small or just encouraging discrimination against certain people.
  2. I have only seen it once; got the person done for 2 weeks . I understand though that the amount of in-game reports the GMs get on Sim 1 is madness and it's impossible to read each one.
  3. If you're debating whether or not to get it, wait for it to be on sale and then I 100% encourage you to get it. It's a lovely change from base game and it adds a LOT of new assets that make it a really nice place to drive. Or just watch videos on it and see whether you think you'd enjoy it or not
  4. The Skoda is really controversial. I think it is a good idea and I like being able to use it every now and then both for fun and to perform CC etc, but I also know that it is abused quite a lot by people using it to illegally manage traffic and just to troll. What with the acceleration and the fact it seems to be built like a tank, trollers use it a lot to cause carnage. I still like using it myself occasionally though.
  5. I don't play the game as the "career" was intended. I want to be able to buy new trucks and garages whenever l like and not have to really worry about finances. I know it's quite a controversial way of playing the game, but it's just the one I prefer the most. Especially in TMP.
  6. Always full H-Shifter for me, with a 12 speed and a splitter button. It just feels the best and most "realistic" (even though most trucks nowadays are auto ).
  7. I would say not too close to the really busy areas like Calais and Duisburg, but more central Germany and France is where I tend to spent a lot of time. There is still decent traffic, but nothing too stupid and dangerous. I do sometimes however go to really far out places if I fancy a change of scenery
  8. It's all about the licensing. One can hope but unless we see it in the background of an SCS video then no-one is any the wiser.
  9. I think I have to go with Scandinavia as well. It just feels the best in my opinion; particularly at capturing the countryside notably on the west side of Denmark. Despite this, the same can be said for Baltics. There are some very nice spots out there where you're not really that close to a city. The companies located on their own or in a small group a decent distance outside of the main city areas are also one of my favourite parts.
  10. I have CB on normally but only to listen, not to speak. I used to do a lot of CC so it's useful to hear participants reporting collisions and whatnot.
  11. Whenever you think you can. If there's anyone on your tab that you're not driving with (i.e anyone not behind you in a convoy etc) then stop as it might impact them. If there's no one for miles then go for it.
  12. I think the voice nav could have been done a bit better, put it that way. It's functional but the voices that the game gives you are what lets it down for me. The people just sound too chirpy and not quite like a real SatNav.
  13. I personally encourage the new changes; it significantly helps to reduce the number of people in the game that try and ruin it for other people. The new emphasis on following road rules also helps to make ti feel as much of a realistic simulation as possible, with running red lights, ignoring stop signs and undertaking pointlessly being actions considered reckless even more than before. Nice work TMP.
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