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    Brazilian, inventor, manufactures trucks. Your first model took 2 years to complete.


    An investment of  R$10 thousand reais.

    Lontras- Santa Catarina/ SC.

    Carlos Alexander Baumgart - joiner.



    complete  report. Conclusion  Mini-Truck.


    Original report


    Truck - class cargo . Red  board truck.

    Before the law the mini truck can have common plate of loads or special plate of invention and prototypes.

    The young man chose to plate loads.

    It means you can roll normally.


    Other Brazilians also build their mini trucks.

    We are passionate about trucks, the main means of cargo transportation.

    Lavras - Minas Gerais /MG.



    Oscar Baca and his mini truck. In the profile, you have videos of all the construction of Mini-trucks.

    City, I do not know, but I believe it's South of Brazil.



    Aparecida de Goias - GOIAS/GO


    Talison  Almeida


    Built one of the best mini trucks not BRAZIL AND WITH A VERY handsome TRAILER. WAS on sale in 2017.

    They believe this kind of thing and image at parties of truckers and rodeos, city festivities.

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    2. plinio_lisboa



      Shalala lala

      You tube, there are several breeders here in Brazil there are tractors, harvesters.

      I'll show it to you.







      In Brazil, mini tractors are built by necessity.  Small tractors cost a lot of peasants. And here people like machines, they prefer this than legwork. Then they make adaptations. Usually motorcycle engine.




      I know only this case. Mini child reamer. We had real brands of national mini standard harvesters.


      Company was "DALLA", no longer exists.


       She helped to mechanize the farms. But we still have a lot of peasants and this sector today only has 1 new small business but has not entered the market yet.


      This was the 1st 100% national harvester, the plant was called SLC, "Schimidt Ltda Company". SCL started from scratch as old brands of harvesters, it did not reverse engineer as some countries do, it is usually illegal. After a long time it developed grain deposit and discharge pipe in bulk. She became a rival of John-Deere. So Jhon-Deere joined in buying 60% of the shares of the Schimidt family. Today it is called SLC JHON DEERE. Here in Brazil, the Americans did not want to erase the history of the company, which Brazilians love so much.


      This is the standard logo on the sides But in front the seal is jhon-deere.



      Claims? Zero. I hope I have shared some of the Brazilian culture and history. Everything here is linked to trucks all of them to get the farms.


      Good night.


    3. F.Maynard


      mini tractors are awesome I loved it, caserio useful for small garden, in Turkey farmers spend tons of money for case or new holland. 



    4. plinio_lisboa



      And it is not very difficult to build just knowing average level mechanics. Exactly my dear. It is a necessary stage of agriculture. Until the USA, it had this stage and strong companies of mini machines. Mini machines help poor people in their tasks. For some it can be fun for kids. But think for example, mini truck, very useful...

      when you are carpenter, bricklayer, gardener and need to carry supplies such as wood, paint tools, earth, pots for plants, etc. AND GENERALLY even simple people, without even used car, car trailer would be dream. then build with recyclable parts such as chassis, axles, wheels, ... So it's time for the Turks to do such things, creative, alternative, until they have money. Because trend is the TURKISH LIRA, continue to lose value. This leads to inflation, leads to everything being more expensive including tractors.



      Speaking ... in ... tractors we already had our PROPRIA COMPANY, it was called CBT - Companhia Brasileira de Tratores.



      We still use a lot. Easy mechanical, robust, powerful. It only has 2 defects; brake and steering over time, it takes looseness requires 2 turns to make back movement.


      When you look at agriculture map, CBT opened fields, forests, roads. Seat had damper thing evolved for the time.



  2. New trailers

    Does anyone know or have seen these trailers from this company?
    It would be very interesting in ET2.


    do not know about you friends, but some like "Krone", "Schwarzmüller".

    In the late evening, the trailer appears as a UK company.

    The company "DON-BUR" is gone.

    Specifically aerodynamic trailer and elevating trailers.


    If you like, just tell me something ...




    Aerodynamic trailers.



    Teardrop trailer.



    Others interesting trailers for ETS2.


    Double Deck Trailers





    Dismountable trailers.


    Double deck trailers.




    Lift trailers.


    Simple lift trailer




    Single Ram  Pulley Trailer





    Box Van Lifting Deck Trailer


    Ratchets trailes.


    Company trailer: Don -Bur


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    2. plinio_lisboa


      Marc [NL]


      This is very good allows for twice as much cargo per trip. Here in Brazil I do not know exister. maybe there is but I never found one.

      Maybe because our highway is still not a carpet for this low chassis.  When I unlock, I will show you the Minister of Transport.



      Man, is "privatizing" the main highways and in exchange contracts establish obligatoriamnte duplicate.


      Great majority much flow and accident, death, mutilated. We elect a right-wing government, just to be RADICAL.

      5 months 20 highways already in the hands of educational companies.



      And the government was dedicated to making the completion of roads and not attractive in places forgotten like the BR 163 in PARÁ/state. Over 40 years it was dirt and mud road.


      It is being completed this year by the army.


      40 years asphalting, has more than 1,800 km. surely. It is vital my MT state.


      These beautiful trailers DON-BUR is just dream driver.


      We have a larger mesh than the US, but we have a serious budget problem. Our social security is old, the government spends almost 60% of taxes on retired employees, with super salaries, some higher than the president. The minister, Tarcisio, always speaks of the French and Italian model, as we see in ETS2.


      We are trying to get out of the model of simple highways as Baltic countries to migrate to the Polish model. And so, in the future have a modern mesh. Maybe we'll see it in the landscape. Netherland has flat relief advantage overall, very good for highways.



      My son, we have a complicated relief, many mountains of low and medium altitud, many parallel, crusades, a complication, and steep, we call "saws".




      We have the "chapadas", they are of steep sides, the flat top. Difficult to make accesses.




      Plains as of their country we have few and very dense population, cities, farms and roads, in general saturated, to update them for these good trailers will cost billions, to expropriate lands, houses, factories ... many people.



      But government wants to do without the moral one also, from the claims of the left, because it will be companies to do for the government. Let's see we have 56 concessions by the end of the year. Hugs ... I'll update if I find it here in Brazil. Very interesting.  Thankful for the fedback

    3. plinio_lisboa




      So, just one of the Don-Bur trailers looks like it manufactures, on top of the chassis. But since the aerodynamic trailer requires low chassis, maybe they will make it. In any case, good trailers of this company. It would be great at ETS. I found this afternoon. I wanted to share. I found Chinese trailer good for the special loads or the loads posted tomorrow.

      Twitter: @DonBurGroup

      Maybe the company answers question.



    4. plinio_lisboa


      FernandoCR [ESP]


      Yes. Exactly. They would be good trailers on ETS2. Very different. I LIKE today TRAILERS Don-Bur.

  3. Good Morning! TMP



    New highways in Europe in 2021 forward.


    Remembering that Malta is still not possible to appear in the game, because scale of the map is still small.


    The connection to the country is by ferry in Italy:



    Ferry La Valleta (Malta) - Pozzalo.

    Ferry Valletta (Malta) - Catânia.



    Ferry Valetta (Malta) - Salerno





    Ferries between Malta and Catania,Salerno are not on Google Maps and Google Earth.


    Current national ferry connections:





    The Norwegian Highway will have 4 lanes, is an extension within the ambition to elude Lilehammer with Oslo.


    1-Norway new motorway.

    Norway’s Nye Veier will tender 23 km of motorway:


    Norwegian state-owned road developer Nye Veier has announced the tendering of a 23km four-lane motorway between Roterud and Storhove along Lake Mjøsa.





    2-Gozo tunnel motorway.


    Gozo tunnel receives bipartisan support from MPs without studies being published.

    Government plans for a 13-kilometre tunnel running options  Manikata, Mellieha  to Nadur.









    Malta-Gozo Tunnel Project Description Statement

    https://era.org.mt/en/Documents/Gozo-Malta Tunnel - PDS.pdf

  4. View  live Streaming. New player Brazilian.




    MAP EAA.-[MOD]-  MAP BRAZIL in ETS2.  + 500 CITIES.

    FRA/ Metz - Garanhus /BRA




  5. Search: Biggest routes to Istanbul.



  6. Mais UM incrível vídeo inédito sobre 1.35. UPDATE.


    Muitas novidades






    3D objects in gas station.




    Does this mean that the "Driver" avatar of the ETS 2 game can get out of the truck and buy postcards?




    Maybe even sending to friends or collecting on the WORLD TRUCKS profile?


    It would be great things so interactive in 1st person....in....1.35?




    1. blabberbeak


      Maybe it is just for decoration.

  8. SCS SOFTWARE tells us 3 cities correct?
    There is more. Are the surprises such as:
      Oristano - which was not originally.
    Nuoro - It was not playable in the first released videos.
    We'll be back .... 5 cities!
    Sassari, Olbia, Oristano, Nuoro, Cagliari.
    And a greater number of small towns.
    Follow one of these happy players with access to the retracted version and ... stay with me, looking forward to the general testing phase for the ETS2 community.
    Excerpt: Sassari (north coast) - Nuoro (rural area, center of the island).


    [ETS2 v1.35] New Island - Sardinia - Italia




  9. Your question: "Auto Stop Help"

    Idea Fantastic !it would be very good to help people - stretch out their help hand :3
    But yes, here "Single Player" , o how to implement multiplayer here?? 


    My answer:

    The big question would be tool 3 and I justify as theoretically,
    it is possible to implement and implement this wonderful "AUTO STOP HELP" tool in TMP.
    Just like the CB radio, which has exclusive command, to be generic.
    Thus only players who "accepted" upon entering the game would receive the winch and their commands. This accept occurs in the mechanic shop.
    As soon as you get out of the game, "add" the winch. As with CB radio. This tool can be canceled in the workshop by opting for another front for your truck.
    The winch would have exclusive command to advance / PgUp and retreat / Pg Dn this steel cable, lock in "T".
    CB radio has function using mouse.
    Currently Pg Up / Pg Dn, (+) key, (-) key is no function.
    Perfectly possible to create it, using the same basic building logic of the CB radio.
    The principle is the same as the CB radio, only in the mouse's place if you use PgUP / PgDN and lock yourself on the "T" key, maybe "Enter".
    Exclusive things have already been done, it's possible.
    It would add, solidarity in the game and an exclusive tool, so let's talk CB radio. For this must be made and added, make the game more community and the TMP MOD more exclusive and attractive.


    I hope I made it clear






    1. ElectroHouse20


      I realized, you speak intelligently, but how do you implement it: D, you only know YOU !


      Thank you for the information  ! good luck to you Bro :3



  10. "Auto Stop Help"


    Description of suggestion:
    It consists of creating 2 complementary tools.
    The first tool is to ask for rescue help.
    The second tool is the truck's steel cable winch or chain.

    1st Tool: Ask for rescue help:
    Command is very simple.
    Perform command F7, then press ENTER.
    A box appears to type: SOS, then ENTER command.
    The result is activation of an active green hand icon for 10 minutes.

    Once triggered, the vehicle's position appears blinking on the map.

    Accessible to see in the common F5 / GPS command.

    If you are on the route or nearby.


    2nd Tool: Individual dump winch:
    The equipment can be purchased and installed in the truck, in workshops.

    The equipment can be attached to the front or rear of the truck.
    The equipment consists of an automatic winch for: car traction, truck, bus, trailer.
    Its function is to drive the vehicles: jammed, stuck or fallen in the game map ditches at the edges of the roads.

    The tool does not work for trucks, trailers and others that are tilted, that is; lying down


    Individual Dinghy Winch Operation:
    The player would activate the command on the "zero" key to activate / deactivate the front or rear winch.
    The steel wire can then be manipulated.
    Pg UP: Advance the steel cable forward.
    Pg Dn: Pull the steel cable backwards.
    T: Engagement and disengagement of the steel cable in the vehicle to be rescued by pulling, pulled.


    Alternative commands for the individual rescue winch:
    + Advance the steel cable forward.
    - Pull back the steel cable.
    The T command is preserved with the steel cable engaging / disengaging function on the vehicle to be rescued.


    Any sample image:
    Images and videos to exemplify. Yes.

    Images of the individual winch.





    Conceptual video of use:




    Why should it be added?
    It allows for solidarity and cooperation between players and allows a more realistic vehicle removal and less effort to assist and rescue fellow road users.
    It does not change the current system of mechanics that requires Command F7 and Enter, option 1. This native rescue command in ETS2 is preserved for the player, but would be used as the last resort. Only triggered in cases of being without redemption options on the map of the game and without possibility of solidarity.
    It allows innovative achievements that reinforce friendship in the game.


    1. plinio_lisboa



  11. Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily: Hubs that shorten distances:

    As almost everyone knows in the 1.35 update SCSsoftware will put on the map another European island of the Mediterranean Sea.
    The island of Sardinia is a very good novelty in terms of geography and logic.
    Before analyzing properly the central triad of Mediterranean islands.


    We need to know in a generalization the relief of the islands is predominantly mountainous.

    The climate although predominant is Mediterranean, the altitude determines to have micro climates of the temperate to the alpine of altitud.
    The islands are disconnected from their countries directly, without access by bridges, submarine tunnels.

    This isolationism of modern and direct connectivities makes islands unattractive in real life for economic dynamics

    . Although geographically well located.
    The most practical example is the island of Sicily, with only 3 km separating the Strait of Messina.
    In EURO TRUCK 2 its simulation is perfectly simulated.
    As you may have guessed, it is a difficult access to a small town. Then ferry, to access the island.
    This type of barrier makes Sicily with infrastructure infrequent compared to other Italian and European regions, continental or island.
    Much is discussed between bridge, tunnel through the strait.

    The region is very prone to earthquakes, allied to local beliefs and a leftist effort to combat logistical initiatives. Bridge or tunnel would connect the few Sicilian highways to the national system and the speed trains would arrive until Palermo and other great cities.

    The island would be attractive to businesses, located between Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Greece and Southern France, Northern Italy.

    There would be a shift from the current ferries companies in establishing these new accesses and countries.

    A great real flow very intense.
    Well, let's go to the island of Sardinia, the most central of all.
    It is more isolated Italian island than Sicily, its economy even smaller.
    Marked on everything by tourism, Mediterranean agriculture.
    Its relief is not luxuriant in valleys and plains like Sicily, although they exist both in the south and north of the island.
    This limits much agriculture in crop diversification. Their soils are generally shallow.
    Sardinia is relatively well served by airports, ports.
    Its ferry ports connect with Italian north to Genoa, connect with Rome in Civitta Vecchia, near Rome.
    In addition to Naples and Palermo, alias connections present in ETS 2 1.35.


     Sardinia could have a great economic role if there were a road-rail tunnel similar to Eurotunnel, directly connected with the region where Rome is. Of course, a great system of tunnels in this category that connects Corsica to the mainland, bridge or tunnel with the south of Corsica and then tunnels with "EuroTunnel" connecting railroad with Sicily would also be great.

    Today such a system is a utopia, among the utopias. But the Euro tunel was a utopia, today it is part of European life.
    A tunnel and bridge between Sardinia and Consega is more likely to be real.

    It would be mutually advantageous for France and Italy.
    Both islands would gain fluidity to the road flows, mainly turistico in the high season.

    Already it would make very attractive the companies to establish themselves in the islands, because the logical bottleneck would be for the accesses to the continent and Sycilia.
    But in Euro Truck 2 who has access to the beta already paid
    SantaTeresa Gallura, ferry port access to Bonifacio south of Corsica.
    We will not see Corsica in this UPDATE 1.35, but in the future.
    Let's enjoy it and move to Corsica.


    Ferry - (Sardinia) Santa Teresa Gallura (1.35 beta) >> Bonifacio (Corsiga)


    Credit: Koneko_


    Map: Ferry. Santa Teresa Gallura<<>>Bonifacio


    Credit: Koneko_


    The island is very mountainous much more than the others, its soil seems to be of less fertility of the islands. Its territory is to summarize a large national park. This greatly limits the economy, making everything very bureaucratic to set up a company, mining company, or other companies.
    Is it intentional for the French State to limit regional development? Without NO DUE, the environmental flag can hide any ideology. Ecology has great appeal.
    Then Corsica has naming of rocks a great local economic activity. Just look at Google Earth. Other important native activities are: Olive oil, honey, grapes, wines, vinegars.
    Of course tourism. The island has peculiarities like Corsican flag in almost everything of products for logos of companies. The plates are in French and Corsican.

    Much of the plaques in their part in French language is vandalized. Reason: Insular feeling of separating from France. It's a peculiarity. Will we see on ETS2? Hope so. It causes visitor impact, as it is expected to read find signs in French and ends up having to read in Sardinian. Is easy. It would have no impact on the player like the Russian plaques, in the local alphabet Círilic, which for us in the Latin alphabet, is frighteningly INCOMPENSIVE to read.


    Acess. Ferry Santa Teresa Gallura - Bonifacio

    Credit: Koneko_


    Corsica is well served by ferries.
    Access for: Genoa, Vado Ligure, Livorno, Civitta Vecchia, Nice, Toulon, Marseille, Naples. Of course, Santa Teresa Gallura.





    Legend-Map ferry routes:
    Green: Ferries at 1.35.
    Red: Ferry uncovered at 1.35 (hidden.no playable)
    Yellow: real routes (Possibilities to the game, future)


    But what can we expect and demand for ETS2?
    - The largest possible number of ferries.
    Even with ferries if all the islands were hojeno map, already it would be possible to perceive this centrality mediterranean sea.
    There are ferries to Tunisia, Malta .... for example.
    But this experience and simulation depends on the mass collective order.

    Currently the islands will be accessible only by Palermo and Naples.
    What is bad, is limiting, to complement tiresome in many cases for travelers from far away places on the current map like: Scandinavia, Russia, UK.
    To brighten it a 3rd ferry would be good, and realistic between Olbia in Sardinia with Civitta Vecchia near Rome, in the Lazio region.
    But it will be a lot of fun, mountainous stretches of Sardinia, an appetizer for the almost extra-terrestrial landscapes of beautiful Corsican exotics. Corsica will be a gigantic challenge for modelers believe. To make the rocks and vegetation, close to the real will suffer, as well as the map of Norway, very, very complex do it. The more mountains, the more complicated. Holland is "easy", but the scale so far has limited to just putting the major cities, there are many missing. But this is another matter.


    Good journeys and caring for the "highway enforcers" can ban them if they help others.

    Yes there are, who is in multiplayer not to play and interact, but to ban players for pleasure.

    So if you were banished for a foolish reason, you know. So my advice, avoid helping. STRANGE, I agree, but it's reality.
     Could you speak more but, would take a 2nd ban for alerting in detail.
    So just do not help, no matter how much it hurts in your heart even if it goes against the logic of multiplayer guild, community, clan). Just help by instructing F7, ENTER, 1.
    Outside, there are people with evil, crazy on the roads to ban them.
    It's not just troll. There are NOW "social justice vigilant truckers".



    Good sunday.





    ETS2 SIMULATOR should have option of highway police as alternative game by DLC.
    This would greatly improve the TPM.


    SIMULADOR ETS2  deveria ter opção de policia de rodovia como de jogo alternativo por DLC.
    Isto melhoraria muito o TPM.


    Autobahn-Polizei Simulator 2 - Car crash.


    Autobahn-Polizei Simulator 2 - Truck Inspection.



    Autobahn-Polizei Simulator 2 - Airplane crash, illegal imigrants


    GTA 5 LSPD - Oil Truck Intercep



    Autobahn-Polizei Simulator 2 - Drugs




    GTA 5 LSPDFR Police 


    Good stuff for ATS and ETS2 one day.
    DLC Police.


    Coisas boas para ATS  e ETS2  um dia.
    DLC Police.

  13. A GOOD NIGHT on Saturday, trucks, loads, TMP 5 years. That requires coke and chips.
    !!! ARRIBA !!!!  MUCHACHOS!

    1. plinio_lisboa


      Mapa  MOD MÉXICO. Perfeito.


    Como é chegada?

    Como e o embarque?

    Como é o translado do motorista nos vagões de passageiros?

    Coisas que um software SCS não colocou no jogo.


    Euro Túnel - Obras incríveis!


    Inauguração Euro TÚNEL



    Euro Túnel

    A VIAGEM REAL com Patricia e "Xibili". Casal dos caminhões brasileiros em Portugal. Caminhões.



    Túnel Euro

    A VIAGEM REAL com Richard Bergeron.


  15. Bem-vindo a todos, 
    Este POST traz notícias Interessantes e emocionantes, mais feliz em replicar Informação real de Truckers MP, Informações criadas com base no post do meu amigo de Truckers Multiplayer,  Bl4ck $ K1LL (país: Sakartvelo (საქართველო).

    Espero que tão feliz em compartir as novas novidades ...


    Caminhoneiros! Truckers MP 5 anos se tornando festiva esta semana!




    A época dos VTCs é atual, um tempo é feliz, eles podem ser estendidos em número cada  vez mais, a origem de tudo, começou 05 anos atrás. 

    Existem alguns eventos que podem ser encontrados neste post, mas você não pode ser capaz de manter as informações postadas nos próximos dias!

    Jubileu é dia 30 de abril de 2019  ! Você pode ajudar a mostrar seu apoio para este dia, visto nas redes sociais # TMP5

    O time de TMP, coletivamente, é "Uma Família", criado para ser lançado pela  TruckersMP

    O jogo dos jogadores, os sonhos, os encontros, felizes foram celebradas aqui neste espaço virtual e tristezas, são abrandadas um ao outro em conversas até no Discord.

    TMP teve prazer em confirmar a realização de uma mega celebração de cinco horas que será realizada nesta semana, dia de sábado.GRANDES COMBOIOS!

    Um mega evento de cinco horas será realizada no American Truck Simulator e no  Euro Truck Simulator 2 . Para detalhes, leia o texto abaixo!

    Report post


    Posted 20 hours ago (edited)

    Bem-vindo a todos, 
    Este POST traz notícias Interessantes e emocionantes, mais feliz em replicar Informação Real de Caminhões MP, Informações criadas com base no post do meu amigo de Caminhoneiros Multiplayer,  Bl4ck $ K1LL (país: Sakartvelo (საქართველო).

    Espero que tão feliz em compartir as novas novidades ...


    Caminhoneiros! Truckers MP 5 anos se tornando festiva esta semana!



    A época dos VTCs é clara, um tempo é feliz, eles podem ser estendidos em número, são matriciais e os da VTC. 

    Existem alguns eventos que podem ser encontrados neste post, mas você não pode ser capaz de manter as informações postadas nos próximos dias!

    O Jubileu é dia 30 de abril de 2019  ! Você pode ajudar a mostrar seu apoio para este dia, visto nas redes sociais # TMP5

    O time de TMP, coletivamente, é "Uma Família", criado para ser lançado pela  TruckersMP . O jogo dos jogadores, os sonhos, os encontros, os encontros e os encontros são hoje em dia.

    TMP teve prazer em confirmar a realização de uma mega reunião de cinco horas que será realizada nesta semana, dia de sábado.

    Uma reunião de cinco horas será realizada no American Truck Simulator e no  Euro Truck Simulator 2 . Para detalhes, leia o texto abaixo!




  16. Map of Belgium.
    Curiosities and what we should improve.

    We start with curiosities ...
    Belgium borders on Germany, borders, very problematic with the post-war period. Belgium has several German exclaves within its territory and is separated from Germany by an extensive belt of Belgian lands, but of little width.

    Geopolitically is "hot" because this type of territorial organization is problematic, is a great "ocean" for friction, if the parties wish.
    But in the game world the ETS2 would be curious and fun, see this geographical peculiarity.

    There are villages, towns, farms in these German enclaves.

    A long and simple Belgian road encircles the largest German enclaves within the Belgian border.
    Imagine taking care of the farm and driving down the road, look at the Belgian houses on the route.


    vennbahnA1.jpg 10562733003_4be7d7eaff_b-1024x768.jpg

    We probably will not see this in ETS2, but it would be something exceptional as a special driving experience.


    But Belgium also has its exclaves within the Netherlands, curious also the situation is equally "hot" in geopolitics, real world.

    You never know who can get a more serious friction at some point. Continuous boundaries are always the best, enclaves (territory of a country, with full frontier with another country or countries (case of Kalingrado on the game map) but with shoreline.For example: Alaska (US state) .Port Rupert town - Vancouver Island , Washington State / USA Perhaps you are in the DLC?, Ceuta and Melila (Spanish cities in North Africa, I hope they exist in DLC Iberia), "Ulster" or "Northern Ireland." The most famous case is Equatorial Guinea 98% of the country is in the enclave on the continent of Africa and its island capital in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Exclaves are territories of one country "inside" of another country and may border many countries.
    The Vatican, for example, has the exclave of Castel Gandolfo, that nothing is really a farm. It is used as a summer residence for the pope. But it has an active agricultural productive life, in flux with the "capital", the Vatican City. Who knows someday urban trucks in ETS 2 and deliveries. Then the flows of Gandolfo - Vatican City could be simulated.


    Vatican Farm - Castel Gandolfo

     "Pontifical Villas Farm"

    Area: 55 hectares

    30 hectares - garden  

    25 hectares - farm

    Employees: 30

    Annual profit: US $ 330,000 / year.



    15 boxes of hives

    Bees: 500,000 = 280 kg year honey.


    Beef steak

    70 heifers and heifers


    Eggs / Meat Fowl:

    300 chickens (60 chickens for meat, 240 chickens for eggs = 200/500 eggs / per day)



    25 dairy cows = 567 liters of milk / day

     Daily average / liters of milk per cow: 30 - 35 liters / day.

    1,030 liters of processed milk / day

     500 liters of milk in process / day = cheese (ricotta, 20 to 25 kg / day, mozzarella cheese mozzarella, hard cheese), fresh milk, butter and yogurt.

    I% 20prodotti% 20del% 20Papa.jpg





    Olive oil:

    Plants of olives: 1,000 olives / 1,300 olives.

    Production oil = 1,500 / 1,700 liters of olive oil per year



    500 liters of wine year "Cesanese del Lazio" (red wine) 

    500 liters of wine year "trebianello" (white wine)














    Maybe one day we'll have a Christmas event at Truckers MP or WORLD TRUCKS with the transport of the Christmas tree to the Vatican.

    Every year, a company transports a giant pine tree to S.Pedro square in the Vatican capital, Vatican City. Yes, a truck with a trailer.

    This is one of the serious flaws in SCS software's ETS2, there is no interest in simulating cities. It would be a challenge as it is annual for the blessed trucker of this load VERY SPECIAL, represents

    CHRISTMAS. JESUS CHRIST was born to be a light to the world and to Europe.









    Maybe one day we'll have a Christmas event at Truckers MP or WORLD TRUCKS with the transport of the Christmas tree to the Vatican.

    Every year, a company transports a giant pine tree to S.Pedro square in the Vatican capital, Vatican City. Yes, a truck with a trailer.

    This is one of the serious flaws in SCSsoftware's ETS2, there is no interest in simulating cities in perfect realism.


    the truck-carring-o-traditonal-christm





    It would be challenging as it is annually for the blessed trucker of this load VERY SPECIAL, represents CHRISTMAS.

    JESUS CHRIST was born to be a light to the world and to Europe.




    Another very cool and very European idea would be the HD TRAILER broadcast.
    With every missionary trip in Europe, there would be a Truckers MP event
    or SCSsoftware World Truckers for the mission country and the city.

     The Vatican is a very strong European symbol and good spiritual, cultural.

    The most European game and reflecting the native culture It's a shame that beautiful things in Europe are not in the 2ETS and MP TRUCKERS.





    We all know that "PEACE" group complains every time, that someone talks on the SCS blog, on Twitter or on the TPM, on how to do the Europeans.

    My hope is IBERIA. There are Christian-European symbols everywhere.

    This is true for the first time in the simulator of European culture very much symbols: churches.



    You are noticing the flexing, how legal we are losing; special loads of large pines, over-sized trailers, television trailer on special missions on the mainland.
    There is no difficulty in making a CTV trailer or a trailer of pines with special transportation.

    But the better things that the "PEACE" class does: cry, tantrum, victimization.

    Sad moments ... gifts.






    Returning centre thematic:

    We know the question of scales. I just quoted to know the potentialities of the ETS2 and knowledge of geography that can allow in a fun way. Switzerland and Germany have their exclaves, some cantons in Liechtenstein, have exclaves.

    But to return to the case of the Belgian exclaves, we can cite the complex case of Baarle-Hertog, "inside" the Netherlands, on the border with Baarle Nassau. In short, a city divided in a very complicated way, the border changes from one street to another, groups of houses, farms.
    Thousands of tourists per year want to know the "frontier inherited from World War I".

    The question is much older, but the postwar in the two great world wars were times to reconfigure borders, apparently some leaders, chose not to generate new frictions with the most thorny issues, and left future generations to solve.

    The European Union has made these border issues almost irrelevant, although such issues are always a security problem. But the Belgian and German borders with their enclaves show that dialogue, which would be a serious problem, can become a source of prosperity together.


    Then maybe one day the "driver" at ETS 2 take his Belgian coffee and Dutch biscuits in "Baarle", both in the sector, after all everything is Europe.


    Belgian cities that deserve to arrive on the map ETS2:
    Well, maybe one day "Baarle-Hertog" and her twin sister; "Baarle-Nassau", historic cities.

    Other cities that I consider important for the map (ideal, utopian) are:
    Antwerp - Port
    Oostende - Port
    Gent - Industry
    Namur - Industry

    Charleroi - Industry
    Bastogne - historic town
    Hasselt - industry
    Mons - industry
    Waterloo - historic city

    Kortrijk /Contric - historic city 

    Bruges - Port

    Ypres - historic city 

    Spa - speed racing - Spa-Francorchamps


    But let's face it, the map still does not allow this Belgium, for scale reason.

    So I would choose the 1.35 map to include:
    - Antwerp and Spa.









    Revisiting Germany Vol. 2
    SCSsoftware today announced the UPDATE second phase of the "GERMANY" map, and will be available on the 1.35 update scale. I would like to warn you that part of the Germany rebuild the design group has been focusing on east and south-east areas of Germany, the statement said. But the alert is for a complete Germany, but in a geographic pattern with a minimum of realism, requires that in the 3rd stage UPDATE of the map already announced, for the future, should in my opinion as geographer, focus on 3 regions forgotten:




    - West coast (cities: Cuxhaven, Bremehaven, Esens, Emden, Oldenburg, Cloppenburg).

    - Eastern coast [Ferhmarn (Ferhmarn Island - ferry: active.destino: Rødbyhavn-DK. Cities: Fehmarn, Puttgarden), Schewrin, Nebrandenburg, Stralsund, Rugen ( Rugen Island - Sassnitz with ferry: active. Cities: Garz, Bergen auf Rügen).
    - Saarland (city: Saarbrücken).



    Uma das coisas legais, no mapa da Alemanha 1.35 será o "AUTOHOFS" ou "STOP TRUCK".

    Meu país está longe de tais coisas. A Aven dele conseguiu implantar R $ 2 bilhões de reais, para os "PARADOUROS", que são as áreas de descanso. Os últimos construídos estavam no governo do centro militar / direito. A redemocratização colocou 100% dos governos da esquerda e das rodovias no caos e sem grandes investimentos ou eficiência. Hoje o DNIT pode resolver os problemas complexos entre 24 e 72 horas, em média. Quase uma qualidade japonesa de resposta rápida. Você também pode parar em um caminhão privado. Será interessante sugerir ao Ministro - Sr. Transporte e Logística.
    Muito ansioso por isso.Foi um dos pedidos para o SCSsoftware, em janeiro de 2019, que fez no twitter, com algumas reclamações da minha atitude. Não posso ser o primeiro a perguntar. Mas as vezes ser "chato" tem vantagens, sem as cobranças e sugestões, nada evolui.


    Sobre "AUTOHOFS" informações gerais abaixo:





    ETS2 Mercedes Actros ★ Autohof Sangerhausen A38 # 393 ProMods-Tour [Deutsch / HD]



    Documentário: Truckerparadies Geiselwind - Abenteuer Autohof [Trucker Doku 2015] | HD



    Deutschlands größter Autohof | Experience - Die Reportage | kabel eins Doku


    1. plinio_lisboa


      I hope, in all sincerity, that community can press SCSsoftware to have the driver interacting in the world of ETS 2. Enter and exit the truck, buy things, fuel truck, walk and walk, read (murals, advertisements, read plates of monuments, newspapers, magazines).
      There are so many campings, hotels, companies, road tolls, mechanics, ferries, fuel stations, farms, mines, logging, factories, ports, nuclear power plants ...
      But we can not interact.
      Would be nice!




      Everyone demands things like that from SCSsoftware, it starts to feel like it's time to evolve, coming out of the traditional "map and roads". As you can see the "STOP TRUCKS" / "AUTOHOFS" has a lot to explore, but this potential, it now depends on the driver getting out of the truck.




    SCSsoftware sempre tem outras notícias escondidas em seus vídeos. No vídeo parece ser criado o que esperamos por anos:

    Possibilidade de movimento interno da câmera simulando a aparência real do motorista no espelho oposto com perfeição.

    Deixando o sistema atual que vem do jogo ALEMÃO TRUCK SIMULATOR e ETS. Esse espelho menor nós temos [F2].


    É verdade? Assista ao vídeo às 1:39



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MarkON




      This feature has been in the game for a long time;)
      You can find it here:




      Have a nice evening :)




    3. plinio_lisboa
    4. plinio_lisboa


      Thanks  Markon.  I thought it was a very good innovation, it eliminates the need for the MIRROR F2

  20. I liked the topic of Natalia, very good to know part of the team, there are many, many others.


    One big we talked about players about is the lack of synchronization of random events. It really is scary you look is see the concrete barrier and a truck passes fast at 90km / h. He does not see, that. Random was for me. Sometimes this frightens and distraction, a dangerous moment.
    And this can sometimes banish someone unfairly, imagine highway 3 tracks. There is lock in 2 lanes. A trucker notices Random in the last minute, abrupt maneuver, to the free lane.
    It may inadvertently cause an accident.
    Now imagine, a player behind records.
    And suppose you report it for dangerous driving.
    Now keep in mind that the player with random (does not use video -majority in TRUCKERSMP).
    Well Natalia will make a BAN, with the "bad driving tests".
    There are really many things to be solved.
    Maybe apply the same logic of radioCB, there are only MP TRUCKERS.
    Perhaps ETS2 Random patterns can be copied and a system in the truckersMP MOD, temporarily replace the original "random events" file or folder in ETS2, during game time.
    Perhaps an inhibitor to the RANDOM of the ETS2, allow to apply the "RANDOMS TRUCKERS MP".

    Do not appear to me moderator with that phrase ...
    "suggestion of ideas, use the format"


    This would avoid many BANS


    Things are very hot from Innsbruck to Geneve.


    I advise anyone who comes from Brastilava, to leave the south of the city, to route to Innsbruck.

    There is less traffic, just be careful you have 2 stretches of many closed curves.


    Recommend for anyone who wants to do the 10 trips start with the longer and slightly smaller traffic.











    On the third day of the event it is incredibly easy to move.

    So who knows your strategy is to split, 5 deliveries today and 5 tomorrow.


    The next step is 24 for Helsinki. Berlin and Bremen will be the closest. Denmark and Sweden will be very hot on the road.

    I see a lot of stressed people with REPORT ... REPORT .. Remember there are beginners, it's a game only.

    The person did not run away from you and apologized, so he was sincere and honest.

    It disappeared in 3 seconds, that yes deserves your report.



    In the curves slow down.

    Wait for the arrow sign of the vehicle ahead to pass if your GPS indicates a vehicle in the opposite direction.

    Go over straight lines without problems.

    Never overtake a curved vehicle on a single highway, this avoids most accidents.



  22. Today's Easter, plus a cowardly jihadist terrorist act in Sri Lanka.

    Today my truck is  Black Mourning   :(

  23. ABOUT: MODS and ETS2.
    My opinions even though no one cares.
    SCS Software has 50% reason to be against MOD'S, some MOD'S are harmful.

    I am not talking about viruses against the PC and other forms of hacking, even by downloading MOD.
    I want to say that the company is a little right and wrong in today's post.
    MOD'S are usually created to close gaps that a gaming company is unable to do it or just makes the community always "cheated" by postponing the demand.

    This happens for some demands:
    - Climate and weather, seasons: Europe is diverse in weather and times, this is an attraction that I like in the old continent. It may be very rainy and cold in Scotland, but at the same time on the Mediterranean coast, it may be warmer than in Brazil, inclusive, Spain is an example, 40 ° C is not uncommon in the summer or even South of France and Italy. We do not see, even these variations, within the weather station of the game: SUMMER.

    Yes, there are differences at dusk and dawn, this is perfect. But we went through another winter and no snow. The winter MP TRUCKERS MOD was very good.
    While SCSsoftware discards MOD'S creations, this has made the FARMING SIMULATOR grow, incorporating unlicensed creations and created a fictitious brand for them "Lizards," a practically official group of modelers. Other modellers can create, being approved by FS enters the expansions of the game.

    There are incredible MODs for the ETS2 and close the gaps I can quote:
    - MOD of hands on the steering wheel.
    - MOD the driver gets out of the truck and socializes.
    - Winter MOD.
    - MOD of accompanying ride in the cabin, and rescue of vehicle.
    - Maps of PRO MODS already in 2.0 yes, it is superior to the ETS2 we are well siceros.

    Then a game like ETS2. Simply the company could incorporate these creations, make adjustments.

    How many to wait to reach the FAROE ISLANDS and climb ICELAND on the ETS2?

    Would like to see Luxembourg with more cities, Liechtenstein, Andorra, San Marino, Man, Aland, Monaco? Yes Monaco would be frighteningly high level of skill: driving through almost endless tunnels, roundabouts, narrow streets. And still within the allowed hours for trucks with trailer enter almost exclusively exclusively in their industrial neighborhood. How many charges there are: cosmetics, luxury cars! Yes.

    MOD's supply what is missing.

    But I also agree with SCS software. It is very bad to work hard for someone to do a bad plagiarism, and call it "original MOD", with innovative content. I agree, they should sue based on copyright. But, I still just think the right way is FARMING SIMULATOR, add all that creative youth, and I might already have a 4.0 map! ALREADY IMAGINATE A EUROPE IN 4.0, nor in the best dreams of the PRO-MODES would be able to visualize this. Just mention that in 2.0 to Liechtenstein, appears, Andorra, Faroe ... Yes one day we will reach 2.0. But everything could be faster if the SCS software uses these young creatives in helping it model EUROPE.


    But the MOD'S problem also affects the MP TRUCKERS.
    YES, WE PLAY and we are all here in a MOD! Right.
    This today's SCSsoftware post also hits Truckers MP.
    Truckers MP, TRUCKES FM, are perhaps the biggest promoters of the game. Look at this ! It is a multiplayer MOD that supplies the necessity of this type of modality, practically basic these days, in the electronic games theme. Everyone wants to interact. This is good. It's curious, because we learn a little about the culture and psychology of other peoples. For example: Turks and Chinese, play more in large groups than solitary. Europeans generally play collectively but in small groups. Brazilians and Americans have a somewhat more complex pattern; many individually and others in small groups. But everyone wants to have contact with another "unknown people". The games allow this. I see something so beautiful when I enter Kalingrad or true Russia (St. Petersburg). I see Russians occupying and defending virtually their country, friendly with which it is friendly and defenders against who wants to make violations rgra of the game. It's an aspect I do not see elsewhere on the map. And this has much to teach us. No matter the environment, showing affection to your country is special.

    I have already witnessed everything: a Venezuelan (socialist) who attacked my truck once for no reason at all, just because my Venezuelans really welcome Venezuelans, whose ideology expels them and kills them with hunger. Worse than you wanted politicized.

    When I'm in MP Truckers, I just try to drive. It's a MOD that offers me these experiences.

    So for me, SCS software, got really heavy on the community today. It remains to be seen whether the path they follow takes into account the demands of the community and of improvements to the game that the entire community asks for.

    Perhaps the excess of the "politically correct", let people a little out of understanding reality.

    Even MP truckers. Already reads banning post for beginners with 2 hours of game play. 


    I NEVER witnessed a posting of "TRUCKERS MP" on a VTC in multiplayer that uses black box around the truck on the roads. Some simply use it as an advantage, but it is disloyal and explain it.


    - Who does not have that box around the truck, it is vulnerable the collision by some player of that VTC in the roads. The wrapped box of the truck protects from collisions.

    But it takes up space on the road. It allows an unfair touch to play your truck, to have bumps!


    And do not talk to me in "Commando Fixe". Things should be fair there. No truck or VTC have protective black boxes on the outside.
     I do not see moderators also worried about this.

    Only the rules of TRUCKERS MP are concerned with MOD of truck in aesthetic terms and of motors. BUT IT DOES NOT HAVE ANY RULES FOR MOD of BOXES IN TURN OF TRUCK. And this gap generates an inequality in the MULTIPLAYER game.
     A real example of disloyal MOD.

    Is there a "cool" command right? So why is the outer protective case (mod) allowed in the truck? Why did they create the "cool" command, if only a few could have the "privilege" of a MOD, which gives them an advantage in the game? It's a kind of MOD that should be banned.

    I leave already registered: It can be good, it can be bad, some make MOD'S good but never incorporated into improvement. MOD'S are disloyal, these seem to have a preference in tolerances in the world of ETS2 be it Truckers MP or SCS software.
    That's what I had to say.

     No one cares. Okay, but opinion is fulfilled.



    CAUTION WITH VTC TRUCKS that uses protective CASE or your truck will be bumped with damage to you. They get immune and free of penalties! EVER!




  24. URGENT:
    VTC Company "VIVA" has just announced that it has acquired the TRUCKERS MP.
      More details on the link.


    1. User_9806


      It's 1 april :P 

    2. plinio_lisboa


      SIM !!

      I love capitalism for this.
      Simple people can with work, do great things.


      I just hope that tomorrow's shares of TRUCKERS MP will rise on the Wall Street Simulator.


  25. D3DcXfGXgAEeYes.jpg:large

    Greetings truck driver.
    The Hot Topic closed, and I could not answer.
    Yes, in my post I tried to analyze, and I can say with 99, 99% sure that Romania is in the next DLC Balkans.
    Rest assured, look at the price of the "DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea", and save the corresponding amount, a little more than it, actually. Coming soon.

    1. [VIVA]Omnomnom


      Thank you, I'll put the money away ready :D

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