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  1. Zakxaev68

    New truck is coming to ATS

    Wait for the FMOD implementation then. I am eager to hear and see. It is more the current audio framework than the recording quality itself, such system means better quality (and maybe quantity for more diversity) TL:DR on FMOD: Proprietary sound management engine used in about "almost" every game.
  2. Zakxaev68

    Which You Prefer ? DLC New Mexico vs Oregan.

    For what is worth, I prefer oregano on my homemade pizza. About travels, I prefer both.
  3. Zakxaev68

    Do you slow down, when you are being overtaken?

    New idea about a topic: do you drive backwards cause your forward gear is broken?
  4. Zakxaev68

    Relaunch of the Translation Team.

    ...In 21st century modern world where technology drives the world. Yep. Instead of everyone using Google Translate, English is as easy to learn as pressing keys on the keyboard.
  5. Zakxaev68

    New truck is coming to ATS

    Once the roll out happens, I'll be skinning that steel horse with the magical brush (puns, puns everywhere). The first ever teased truck in production to be added after the full release. check the blog posts from years ago.
  6. Zakxaev68

    [BG] Bulgarian Team/Discussion

    Наблюдавам активността на темата... Изглежда сякаш съм единственият, който отразява.. ъм.. върти дискусия. В този ред на мисли; хубаво е, че набираш участници, @[ET-INT] s0b1esk1_86, но лично аз някак си развих впоследствие някакъв неприязън, след краткото ми пътуване през ада с последния ви конвой, а също и друг такъв с българска нишка. Нищо, от това което прочетох и разучих за събитията (вашето и това на Gosheto.A - Balkan Trans, състояло се на 3-ти март), преди да се "предам" на едните опити да видя за какво иде реч да си в глутницата с българи, не се оказа такова, квквото излезе. Първата ми мисъл беше: "стой далеч". Втората ми мисъл, след като бях там, си остана такава: "стой далеч". От това, искам да кажа, че няма никаква кохерентност/последователност между всички на опашката - поне едната скорост да се поддържаше по черните пътища. Ала, не, благодаря за поканата все пак.
  7. Zakxaev68

    Leaving your trailer in the middle of the road

    What does that say to you in the given events? Game moderators are a joke, so is the way they are "recruited"; policy on moderating the online environment is where the problem lies.
  8. Zakxaev68

    Thoughts on American Truck Simulator

    Thoughts? My thoughts say I have about 130 hours in the game already next to 1300+ on 18 Wheels of Steel titles I accumulated throughout the life span of the series started with Hard Truck (2002). The line "18 Wheels of Steel" should talk a lot to you why American Truck Simulator is a progressive effort of doing a modern trucking game in the west. Much like the Euro Truck sim that released with 30% the content it has currently and unlicensed brands on top of no owned trailers, the game paves its way to a great future. Niklas cited one false thing as a con: the multiplayer activity. While pretty stagnant, less players - more fun.for a joint group convoys, less issues in general. The better. Yet to buy ATS? Don't jump immediately into multiplayer. Venture into the single player immersion.
  9. Zakxaev68

    Which radio station you listen while driving?

    Don't tune in to commercial stations then. Quality-first radio stations don't air ADS, even those I listen, stream globally and don't do interruptions. I do them based on what I do. When I do simulators, I go with channels that fit the atmosphere. Trucking goes well with rock or lounge/chillout/jazz. Working in the image editor requires a creativity boost; there comes dark ambient, dub techno, indie & synthwave.When nothing else is involved, bossa nova fits on weekends. So does eurodance and disco/soul/blues. As dynamic as I can be.
  10. Zakxaev68

    Getting out of cab

    Get out and obtain a truck drivers license. If I wanted as close as real experience, I'd consider driving a real truck on my own across places I would never visit. The power of the current engine isn't capable of such performance-heavy tasks. Nor will ever be. I suggest you give SCS Software's development background a review:
  11. Zakxaev68

    Possible solution for most trolling

    Looks like RedBull108 still tries to find an argument suitable enough to justify his opinion on what "perfection" means. Knock it off. You failed at the specified sentence. Deliveries can be continued any time per your will. Don't bullsh*t the bullsh*tter, pal. Nevermind the proposition on 1st page explains what a staff with common sense at first, should do. Period.
  12. Zakxaev68

    Possible solution for most trolling

    ^ This guy tries hard to think of an argument out of ignorance. Come again...? One and only hellhole of the whole multiplayer community, next to no rule is complied with there except 10% players being tolerant to each other. Makes for ~500 players. God bless your (zero) understanding of simulation.Yep, you attempt to land a passenger aircraft in X-Plane with full engine speed, that is else boring. You drive a train in Dovetail's Train Simulator like a rail truck cause you can't stand waiting the oncoming locomotive to pass. All you arcade racing folks, close the door on leaving. Seem disgusting by even trying to speak about a topic you aren't interested in. As I guessed right few posts above: those who don't want the change will try to go with the methods of "switch servers" to spam the topic and let moderators lock it because, arcade players can't deal with proper simulation.
  13. Zakxaev68

    Possible solution for most trolling

    @TomiikCZ Realistic Driver I love those vague "Why do I give a f*ck. -1!" responses in the forum by members. You misunderstood the idea, @FernandoCR [ESP]. Convoys for private; 2-3-man convoys on EU1 work well for me. Public convoys I rather stay away from. I do convoys within the VTC I am part in these days. Anyways, I prefer to play alone but then again I'm looking for role-playing in this mod, I try to do that more else I'll ditch TMP for the good ol' singleplayer, y'know.
  14. Only mods to be allowed for use are custom paintjobs, add sense to Virtual trucking companies and give different kinds of players a reason to roleplay as drivers/managers/escorts.
  15. Zakxaev68

    Possible solution for most trolling

    Nice of you to bring it to the table, BIG ups. Besides. I fear the whole moderation staff (would) see no interest in performing such solid change, as - based on my sense of things - about 7-8k players favor the recklessness driving in general. To strengthen the numbers, this same circle, least 5k to say, would donate for the(ir) "cause". Therefore. the moderation staff have excuse to keep it as it is, because in the end, the voice have those who donate and not the ones who discuss the important topics. In reality we need a mod that provides the quality of singleplayer play, including traffic. And game masters that are no joke. @FernandoCR [ESP] + @Joao Rodrigues Talk on PM for a convoy if you're up for it lads?