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  1. @AsierrayoGreetings! I am just experiencing a crash where a game closes from a loading screen. The game music cuts out and the game exits. That's all. Disabling mods and reinstalling TMP also doesn't help
  2. Hi there, @Soul Knight Yes I followed your instruction by removing the mods, also promods but this still seems to crash the game. So far this is what I have tried: 1) uninstalling 'Truckersmp' folder through %programdata% 2) reinstalling and running the installer as admin 3) running single player(this works fine) and exiting 4) running TMP as admin Not sure if the steam cloud affects the game as v1.33 does NOW come with steam cloud save/ I await for your further advice/suggestion!
  3. @AdaBey My single-player seems to work well. However, its the MP that's seems to be the problem. Besides that I also have few old local mods v1.32 but when I try to remove that the in-game message appears with 'missing discrepancies' so I'm not actually sure here whether I should ignore the old mods or leave it as it is(along with other mods). Many Thanks
  4. @BlackSkill Thanks for your solutions. will give it a shot and see if it works. Although I have tried verifying files in steam, I will try with other solutions. cheers again.
  5. Hi there, After the release of Beyond the Baltic(also implemented on TMP) was working fine on ETS2MP. However, just last two days the game kept crashing on a loading screen with game music going off and getting me off the game. I have had the current version of promods installed but I'm not exactly sure what is causing the crash. SP works fine with the same number of mods I've installed. just the trouble with multiplayer. please help. Many Thanks
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