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  1. Hey guys, I like the winter mod with physics, but the problem is that i've made accidents ExZiest, Happy Trucking
  2. With my friend on c-d ! And best driver ever https://imgur.com/a/BUfEILr @IethaI

  3. Happy birthday :)

    1. BOŠKO [SRB]

      BOŠKO [SRB]

      Thank you so much!  I appreciate

  4. Hello I play more then 10 hours per day, this is my favorite game and spend my time with friends, we go 7000 kilometers per day and we have fun! Happy Trucking
  5. Hello I've have been playing for 6 years.!! Happy Trucking
  6. I think it would be better if you added American cars instead of European cars! That's why it's called American Truck, not Euro Truck! It's true that it would fit a new skin Signed By: D0D0_TMP
  7. I saw a "admin" today on c-d! The car was white and the pilot sign was blue !!!! Signed By: D0D0_TMP
  8. I would like both Romania and Moldova! I would like to add the eastern part of Europe! Signed By:D0D0_TMP
  9. You do not have the chance to have a random event on the MP and not to be on the counter! I had a case when I turned counter and it was to ban it because of it! After I took them out, I would not go anymore. Signed By: D0D0_TMP
  10. I prefer normal trailers! The only thing I do not like is stability! Good roads continue without incidents! Signed By: D0D0_TMP
  11. Hello, No i don't have the DLC! But i want to buy it because i like the design!
  12. Hey buddy, Here you have a mod for version for 1.30! I don't find a better mod for 1.32! Happy Trucking!
  13. Hello, No i don't have the DLC, but i want to buy it! I like this trailers! Happy Trucking!
  14. I saw a "police" car today :))))
  15. Hello The Blue lights are just for you! You cannot be banned! Happy Trucking!
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