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  1. Hey guys, I like the winter mod with physics, but the problem is that i've made accidents ExZiest, Happy Trucking
  2. With my friend on c-d ! And best driver ever https://imgur.com/a/BUfEILr @IethaI

  3. Hello I play more then 10 hours per day, this is my favorite game and spend my time with friends, we go 7000 kilometers per day and we have fun! Happy Trucking
  4. Hello I've have been playing for 6 years.!! Happy Trucking
  5. De la Mod de joc, sau poate erai pe europa 1 si acolo e limitator
  6. I play this game everyday and i don't need another game!

  7. Truck is the best cause is Euro Truck Simulator, not Euro Car Simulator
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