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  1. I really liked this event. Being stuck in busy traffic is an enjoyable experience in ETS 2. But in the target cities there are so much traffic that sometimes I can't even enter the city in 30 minutes. So when this happens I just log-off and finish the delivery in singleplayer, which is demotivating a little. So, to prevent this I have an idea. The target cities should have at least 2 or more connections to the delivery point. For example, while Piraha has several entrance points Brussel has only one entrance. So, cities like Brussel shouldn't be chosen as target during the next event, I believe.
  2. Hello, I suggest you to check the tab mannager to see if there is another TruckersMP launcher or game running. If there is, you should close them, if not you can try restarting Steam and check the topics below.
  3. There has been lots of good improvements so far. But lack of effort in handling in-game reports is stay the same without any good movement. I think this problem should be your #1 in the road map.
  4. If you get External Jobs their time limit will keep counting even if you are not playing the game. So, this will be your problem you should check it. And for your quick job problem you can check these topics;
  5. I never have had any problem with World of Trucks page/in game so far. Maybe it will be about your Internet Service Provider or your DNS. You should try getting in contact with customer support of your ISS, or send a ticket to WoT team and give them your ISS information and ask if there is a problem with that provider.
  6. No, there isn't any way to give someone money, but there are different ways of gaining money, though most of them are cheats. If you don't see any problem with using money cheat/glitch etc. you can check the Internet and find ways to make money.
  7. Kullanıcı adınızı ve şifrenizi not defterine yazıp, oradan kopyala-yapıştır yoluyla oyuna giriş yapmayı deneyebilirsiniz. Eğer yine hata alıyorsanız ticket atmanızı öneririm.
  8. Superb RS modunu kurduysanız eğer modun kendinde olan bir bug. Silip tekrardan indirmeyi deneyebilirsiniz fakat bunun dışında sizden kaynaklanan bir sorun olacağını sanmıyorum. Büyük ihtimal 1.33 güncellemesi için yenileme yapıldığı için bugu vardır. Multiplayer'de sorun olmamasının sebebiyse MP girdiğinizde oyundaki modlar çalışmıyor, eğer modu silerseniz SP'de de sıkıntı yaşamazsınız.
  9. I was having hard times with brake mechanics. Braking was just not balanced, I was feeling like I'm sliding or using handbrake even though I changed the setting. Seeing them trying to fix this is nice. I hope they keep up with these mechanic improvements.
  10. It mens /pinfo should be seen in a video or in a screenshot. If you can't see the player you want to report on TAB screen, you can use TAB > History section, in which you can see people who past near you recently.
  11. You can take a look at this comment. He briefly explained how to take best evidences. If you don't understand what he says feel free to PM me ^^
  12. Many thanks to whom thought this idea. Seeing ATS more active feels good
  13. I hope this helps ATS to gain players. Seeing low numbers on ATS MP, though it is such a nice game, is really frusturating.
  14. Lots of people having this problem. It is based on TruckersMP servers I guess. Players have nothing to do with it.
  15. Scandivania section will be opened directly if you bought and downloaded it. You don't need to do anything. Grey part on the screenshot is where the Scandinavia is located. But if you can't still see Scandinavia, you can try going to (https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings) and check Linked Games / DLC there.
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