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  1. it's just the same but: I set my graphics low and selected 100% scaling and DOF on it was a little bit laggy but better then i dezactivated DOF and it lagged as before.
  2. Intel core I5 3740 ; core speed 1600MHz 12 gb RAM DDR3 ; 800MHz Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GT 730 Do you need more PC specifications? the old one had 6 gb RAM and it was an Pentium, 2 years older than this i5
  3. Shall i show my PC specifications?
  4. any other ideas? My old PC would have done the same but it was very weak compared to my new one
  5. @Sinyor. It's just as before and about 80% were the same . But i found that DOF and onther thing near it causes lag . also that option with scale resolution if i select 100% it lags if it's 75% it's ok but the graphics look bad. When i am not recording i can set graphics higher and does not lag . This happends only with the multiplayer.
  6. I play this game since long time ago . Recently i changed my PC with a 2 times better one. Problem: If i record while I am playing game starts to lag(even if i lowered the graphics and now looks bad) but mostly in Multiplayer and if i play without recording I can play with better graphics and i have no lag. Please help i checked on youtube and other forums to fix this but nothing helps
  7. why people start follow me?

    anyway hello

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    2. VladtheSecond



      cause a person said i braked the record of reports in 1-2 hours? 50+ reports

    3. ItsElectroTV
    4. Simplywild1
  8. hi why you follow me?

    you saw me on road or ?

    i am a good driver i don't make accidents only if i am eating while driving or talking on phone or searching youtube for music 

    but that's also rare

    sau esti roman?

  9. hello thanks for putting it to inactive cause nobody writted anymore

    also how to fix this problem idk?

    i asked for more people and no one could answer

    1. EPS!LON




      Please create a support ticket here: https://support.truckersmp.com/



  10. so there at dlc button it says not installed but when i go to my profile on steam it says installed i pressed to install at that purple icon and after steam opens says that i have and then play now and loading forever
  11. welcome !

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    2. VladtheSecond


      well i don't have or joined one also i don't care because are kinda useless for me

      but i think  you can search for companies  and ask them if they let you join

      i think  you need to write at tag the company colour and name also you need to have discord or teamspeak3 i guess

    3. MaxiPanda83
    4. VladtheSecond


      i hope it was helpful enough 

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