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  1. Happy Birthday!🎂

  2. Happy Birthday!🎂

  3. Happy Birthday!🎂

  4. Hello,there @Cups1237 No worries if's not in right section mods they will move on the right section. its really new system ACC and EMB system on ETS2 I think still not working properly when 1.49 update came maybe SCS get fix the problem then it can be start works without problem.
  5. I drove couple times scout in last 5 years quickly I realize handling steering wheel is too hard to control it and I decided to don't use it. I don't have any idea driving with caravan how is ?
  6. If you have player TMP ID number you can use this link to report it. https://truckersmp.com/reports If you don't know the ID number you can follow this direction. Document > ETS2MP>Logs > Log spawing choose which date accident happened and click ctrl+F write the name and you can find tmp ID.
  7. Thank you for follow!

    1. Myriαnnα


      Same for you!

  8. Until last year I was recording each ride but its take too much space on SSD I decided to rec like 15 20 second if I see reckless drivers it's enough to report it.
  9. Hello. Thanks for your follow.

  10. Thank you for follow!

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