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  1. Oh mah lord. Its another Ets update. next stop france. Le baguette
  2. I'd totally dig a Drink Koozie or maybe a Keyring
  3. Thoughts on my wix created website? http://tinyurl.com/ScotHaulage

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    2. Forraz


      Mine works for the phone but you'd have to zoom on some places xD My Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with the Phone Data can get into mine.

    3. moopmoop00


      I havent set it up on phone yet so thats whatever wix thinks it should do. I probably need to work on it @1nyx


    4. Forraz


      Yeah I just disabled the Phone Optimization and just let it be PC web for the Phone but it worked for me

  4. Im a bit late to the party but I'd just like to say thank you
  5. Thank You so much for your support and dedication to your cause rootkiller... Infinite of the respects ! I hope you have good one off at SCS And Its a shame to see you leave us. -moopmoop00
  6. I was gonna create a Vtc. Had everything setup made a website and everything... go the read the rules. 100 useful posts. well rip moops dreams 2k15

    1. Edinev


      Keep calm, and be Kravaty :>

    2. moopmoop00
  7. Cheers Devs! Hope it doesn't give you too many sleepless nights
  8. Is The TS3 Server dead for anyone else?

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    2. Scar
    3. moopmoop00


      Oh boy... I was ment to sit a Vtc Driving Test. This is like a damn cliff hanger ;-;

    4. TrademarkGamer
  9. Guess who's internet has gone full Derp!

  10. Cheers Mods! Would be playing but still downloading!
  11. that moment when you write up a whole company page and then your computer crashes... I Cri Everteim

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