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  1. Im already dizzy like 25 seconds in. Lmao. I think I would have been sick if I did that XD
  2. Oh mah lord. Its another Ets update. next stop france. Le baguette
  3. That is awesome. Good Job @Kravaty
  4. I have been looking at getting into Karting (Mainly Rotax max cause thats what they run around my area. :P) But If anyone here does it and would like to enlighten me on what I need. I spoke to a Btcc touring car driver about it and he suggested its going to cost like 3-4 thousand pounds for the first year and then if you dont change kart then its significantly less the next year. I really just wanted to know what sort of tools you would recommend that I need to get started? (I mean I gathered the basics like Spanners,Hammers(For fine adjustments, hounest :P) but what sort of specific tools? Cheers, moop
  5. Perfect timing for me. I was like "I really should get me Dirt3" And then less than a week later. Free Dirt 3
  6. Exams on :/ On ets2mp for over a year?
  7. moopmoop00

    US Election Result.

    I mean. if you were to ask me Trump actually started to get more "presidential" by the end of the campaign.
  8. I remember using this on my Single player because I had a couple of trucks that randomly took damage while driving around.
  9. reminds me of the good old days with the good 30 min wait just to get into EP because somebody was upside down and refused to F7 and enter while everyone had like 5 FPS.
  10. moopmoop00

    Favourite Truck?

    Would have to be either the DAF XF (Older one) Or the Scania Streamline. Im undecisive on which one I like more. I think some of my old favourites would have to be some of the Hybrid trucks. they are pretty cool.
  11. I'd totally dig a Drink Koozie or maybe a Keyring
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