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  1. 🤩 A lovely evening spent on ProMods! 🤩

    🇷🇺🇫🇮 Explored some of the best roads in the whole map this evening! (My opinion of course) 🇫🇮🇷🇺


    1. en_field


      E105 is just something else, perhaps my favorite road in whole Promods... ❤️

  2. 🎉 :D Second profile ready to go for ProMods on TruckersMP... Can't wait! :D 🎉
    (Anyone guess which country I am in? B))



    1. Granite


      Border btw France and Spain, I can see "La Jonquera" on the sign...

      Can't decide btw 6x2 taglift Reanult T or Scania S520 or 580, mainly because of 760l vs 1000l tanks

  3. Corsica is the new, free map expansion coming out with 1.36 @Callum5347 (See below) I am sure there will be many official and unofficial events that either start, end or drive through Corsica. I will certainly be exploring it as soon as it is fully released.
  4. Well judging from last year, if I remember, it didn't actually get released until just after Christmas, but I am guessing they will still release it at some point in December.
  5. I wish they had my home town in the map, but unfortunately they don't, so I will probably go for either Hull (Closest) or maybe Aberystwyth in Wales simply because I love that place in real life!
  6. Got to be the South Eastern road of Sardinia. It is soooo nice!
  7. As much as I really want to say the new Renault T, I would have to say Scania simply because it is more powerful and efficient. However it is a reluctant choice xD
  8. As said above, when reporting on the website, you can select which language to use for the report, I don't know for sure, but I presume a member of staff that speaks that language will deal with it to make it fair.
  9. `I hate it when they do this. I usually just instantly open the outer camera view as soon as contact is made, with me recording, I can then go back and review who it was, it does actually work most of the time.
  10. 🎉🇫🇮 44t of Rail Guards successfully delivered to NCH in Kouvola, Finland! 🇫🇮🎉
    #PinkRibbon #Awareness #BreastCancer

  11. Right now, it has to be Higher Love by Kygo and Whitney Houston! Just cannot get it out of my head!
  12. I have recently purchased an Hauwei Y6 2019. If I were to upgrade, I would maybe try a Samsung or iPhone.
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