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  1. I agree with above comments, as we push more and more updates out to make the multiplayer more focused towards simulation, people are starting to drive in lower populated areas with friends to avoid the possibility of been banned. Lets not forget about the Euro port days, could we be seeing a repeat on history? Who knows, maybe a new road will suddenly spring to life and become popular just like the Calais - Duisburg road did when the Euro port gradually became quieter and quieter.
  2. Don't worry about people who put "rec ban" in their tag or in chat after a collision, like Speedy said, most of these people don't even record anyway. Also, if something you did such as ramming was a pure accident, you have nothing to worry about, we can see what is accidental and what is intentional, for your situation, if you physically could not see the user until you went over the hill, then it simply was an accident. What I would say is get yourself a recording software if you haven't already, there are so many great ones such as Shadow-Play, Medal, OBS, etc. If you do get banned and it wasn't your fault, appeal your ban and show us your version of the situation, we might look at it and rethink our decision on the ban, and best case scenario for you would be your ban been removed. I do want to agree with the above comment as well, keep an eye on your mini map, especially when approaching hills where you can't see over them, if you look at your mini-map before going over the hill and see a few blue dots just up the road inf front of you, you obviously know to slow down as you don't quite know what is happening ahead.
  3. I haven't bought it either, not too sure on whether I will or not, I don't play a lot of ATS so not sure it will be worth it. I have Oregon, Washington and New Mexico, Oregon for me personally is my favourite so far, but like I said, don't play the game very much at the moment, should get back into it, used to loved the big open roads of the states.
  4. Awesome guide @elot360PL and all who helped. To those who really want to buy a certain truck, but can't find a dealership, this will help massively!
  5. As MrSirViking said, overtaking often ends badly on this road. I do not suggest overtaking on this road but if you are going to overtake, do it when you clearly cannot see anyone coming towards you in sight as well as on the minimap, and if on the off chance you are part way through overtaking and see an oncoming user, don't swerve across and ram the user you are overtaking to avoide colliding with the oncoming, I see this happening too much on the CD road, hit the brakes and join the correct side of the road back where you started behind the user.
  6. Congratulations Pixi! 🎉

    1. G4M3P1X3L


      Thank you so much Callum, And also thanks for your personal support over the past months! ❤️

    2. Callum Johnson

      Callum Johnson

      No worries, always happy to help, you know that 😉😊

  7. I personally can't wait for Iberia, Spain is the number one place I have been waiting for since day one of buying ETS2! I am hoping they include both Spain and Portugal, and if I really want to push the boat out with high hopes, I would really really really love to see the Canary Islands involved either within the DLC or possibly as an update to the DLC very soon after release! (Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Tenerife).
  8. Hello there, I agree on your point that yes, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is simply a game, however TruckersMP is a multiplayer modification for the game, and we aim more towards the realism and simulation aspect of it, which is why there is a speed limit. I do agree with chipmunk though on one thing, it is quite annoying when you are driving on a high speed highway and suddenly you join a city which reduces your speed, some parts of the map where this happens, you look on your mini-map and there isn't even a city in sight, so yes, I do agree that this does maybe need looking at, not sure how big of an issue it is too fix, but I do agree with that. Personally though for ETS2, I think the speed limits work fine, keeps most of the community in safe driving conditions, and those who still find a way to violate rules get banned. If you prefer speed, there is the Arcade server which has no speed limiter at all.
  9. Hello there @Mudanjiang01 As explained above, you cannot join the TruckersMP staff team straight into a management position, you have to work your way up from roles such as Support, Community Moderator, Trainee (Leading onto Report Moderator and Game Moderator roles). To apply for a role, please make your way to https://truckersmp.com/recruitment to see which roles are currently recruiting. For more information regarding how to become a staff member, see the following articles: ~ https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/27 ~ https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/53979-a-guide-to-getting-recruited-to-join-the-team/ Kind Regards, Callum Johnson, TruckersMP Game Moderator.
  10. hi Callum i have made an report about ban evading and one lad got banned permanent because he just gave his second account to the guy that was ban evading....he did'nt know about the ban evading thanks 

    1. Callum Johnson

      Callum Johnson

      Hello there, 


      Please do not post on my profile regarding a report you have made or has been made against you. 

      If a person you have reported recieved a ban from me, they can appeal it using the website appealing system. 


      Kind Regards, 

      Callum Johnson, 

      TruckersMP Game Moderator. 

  11. 🤩 Another scenic drive through Central Europe with ProMods, some stunning little villages dotted in and around the map! 🤩


    1. [L-LATAM](30) El Reja

      [L-LATAM](30) El Reja

      Beautiful photos!

    2. Beenz.


      Looks really good hoping to drive with you and some others again :) 



    3. VeLociTy XTRoLl

      VeLociTy XTRoLl

      Nice truck! Have not seen that paint before😁

  12. I would definitely say the least used truck is Iveco or MAN at the moment, I know people are saying Renault, but I do see a large amount of Renault's on the roads, especially the newer Renault T.
  13. I currently use the Logitech G29 + H-Shifter, It is really easy to use and has a lot of buttons and dials to set up to different things in games. Would definitely recommend it for sure.
  14. 🚚 A lovely evening spent delivering cargo around Europe 🚚
    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Topped off with a small photo shoot at personally one of the most scenic landmarks in ProMods! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


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