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  1. If that was the case with the car, they wouldn't have added two more cars since one could clearly serve the purpose you mentioned. Also, there wouldn't be another car only for patreons either. Whether it's highly unlikely to be added, i leave that on the TMP management. Last year i suggested a Casual Server to be added to the game. A few months later, they started inquiring about the speed limit and a month ago they gave us Sim 2 as a casual server. So please by all means, stick to Sim 1 and stop feeling the need to point out to anyone that likes a more casual playstyle to play a racing game.
  2. There has been such a server in the past and nobody wants to play on a no-moderation server. Driving over the speed limit is not the same as trolling and causing harm on purpose to other players which should be bannable action. A cautious player will never crash even when driving over the limit as long as he knows when he needs to slow down.
  3. I like car driving with TMP physics. The fact that i'm here making a suggestion means that i don't wanna play a racing game but rather stay on TMP. It must be shocking for you that someone enjoys a game in a different way than you do. Currently on Sim 2, i could in theory take a corner at 150 km/h. So, i don't really see a major difference than having no speed limit. TMP management have included car driving for a reason and Simulation 2 was introduced as a casual server. What's rather funny is that i'm certain that none of you is playing on Sim 2 anyway, but you're all obsessing about this Server settings like it will have a major impact on your gameplay somehow.
  4. That was sarcasm. But when i said i wanted to play with collisions, Sherlock above deducted that i just want to crash into people.
  5. Like i said, i can't argue with your reasoning. Seems like, you've got it all figured out.
  6. I seriously can't argue with that reasoning. Maybe you should go play on the arcade server since you clearly don't want to crash into people.
  7. Like i said, the developers have clearly decided to include cars as well as buses in a game called Truck Simulator. Perhaps they should switch the name from TruckersMp to driving simulator because you all seem confused from the title despite the nature of the game going against to what you believe.
  8. I will see a difference if i want to drive with other people. The lack of collision kills immersion.
  9. The developers have made efforts to add car models in the game. These cars are able to reach speeds higher than 150 km/h and TMP provides good physics as well as a nice map for free roam. The only problem I see here is that you think that there's only one way to enjoy the game and any person that deviates from that playstyle has chosen the wrong game. I want to drive a car that can possibly exceed the 150 km/h at certain points like large straights in a server that averages ~250 players on a daily basis in a gigantic map where coming across another player is a small possibility. Maybe you're just reckless when you drive at higher speeds and assume that everyone drives like you.... It seems to me that many people in here share the mindset that just because a certain speed is possible to be reached, it will always be reached under any circumstances.
  10. Hello, A few moments ago i think ETS2 was updated to and currently i'm unable to login with the latest version as well as the temporary 1.47.x. In both cases, I'm getting an unsupported version error message. I'm also using the new launcher.
  11. Well, ETS2 map offers large straights where higher speeds than 150 km/h can be accomplished without losing control. Scandinavian highways are an example. And I'm assuming that if it's easy to make the speed limit outside of cities 110 or 150 km/h, it's will be just as easy to remove it.
  12. What name? Simulation 2 was presented as a casual server and in fact as a better arcade. Is your problem the fact that it's called Simulation?
  13. I don't want to switch server to drive a car. Besides Sim 2 was introduced as a casual server. I don't see the point of having a speed limit on the highway or what purpose does it serve.
  14. Simulation 2 is a great server for free roam. TMP in fact is actually a great game to play as a free roam. I'd argue that this is the greatest strength of TMP. For me personally, Convoy mode of ETS2 is superior to TMP for the simulation aspect of the game (given the traffic and mods) and that won't probably change in the near future. But i always come back to TMP for the free roam and the added variety of vehicles in it as well as the map improvements. Recently i also discovered the smaller car and i have to say that you've done a great job with it. You even simulated the shaking that smaller cars suffer from at high speeds (Assuming that was intentional). Anyway, I don't think that Simulation 2 needs a Speed limit especially in its current state and it's always frustrating reaching the speed limit knowing that your vehicle has more strength in it. Please do consider removing it entirely from the highway. It will make car driving even more fun.
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