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  1. Thank you for your incredible Support! ;)




    I,@Grundii, have been in this Team for just over 6 months, but it's really incredible how the time runs! Every minute I can contribute to improve this project makes me happy and thankful. I am grateful to be able to perform in the team as Support and Discord Moderator. Since I was able to join in this team I've found people who are very important for me now. Without them, I wouldn't be what I am now.


    Special thanks to:

    @Asatelon - First closer contact & friend for me within the Team, now we are best friends! Thank you so much! ^_^
    @GGF MD - Best manager & wonderful friend for me! You and @Ali. are doing your job with a lot of effort and happiness, that makes me really happy to be part of the Support Team! :lol:

    @Lasse - Very good friend for me. I still remember how I met you; when I was in a talk with several people, someone invited you randomly and you came :P

    @WentworthHFD - One of my first contacts & friends within the Team. Sad to see what happened! :(

    @Sabbi [GER] @Kid Fabi @[RLC] Elsassisch_Trucker @InvisibleRaptor - My best Support Team colleagues & friends! Thanks to the whole Support Team, it's amazing to work with you as a Team! B)

    @Moh_ - My best Discord Moderation Team colleague! Thank you for your friendly help! :)


    Finally, thanks to the whole player community of TruckersMP! Without you we wouldn't be there where we are right now!


    I want to let you know that this isn't a competition. I thank many more people for their efforts, this is a selection of some people of them.


  2. TruckersMP - Racing Championship | Summer 2019


    First race starts in 15 minutes!





  3. A few days ago I met a nice team-mate ingame: @Soul Knight :wub:

    Really beautiful truck + trailer in my opinion :)



  4. Grundii

    I can't play Truckers MP

    Hello @MatiWOT you have to downgrade your game in your steam library -> Ets2 -> properties -> Betas to "temporary 1.34" in order to play TruckersMP.
  5. Grundii

    Werden Raser Bevorzugt ?

    Es ist auch so. Es ist momentan technisch nicht möglich, dass alle oder ein Großteil der InGame Reports bearbeitet wird. Ich empfehle dir daher, ein Aufnahmeprogramm (z.B. Opel Broadcast Software, Fraps, GeForce Experience) zu verwenden, um Regelberstöße per Video dokumentieren zu können und anschließend Web-Reports erstellen zu können. Web-Reports werden zu 100% bearbeitet, da kann also kein Report austimen oder sonstiges.
  6. Grundii

    TrackIR Issues in TMP

    Hey @Tannerdude10, I am using TrackIR5 and I didn't have some problems in the past. Be sure that both lights light up green on your TrackIR receiver and that your head tracker can track the receiver.
  7. Grundii

    Token not received And lost all back-up codes

    Hello @KnowYourEgo, your friend has to logout from the website. After that he has to create a support ticket (https://truckersmp.com/support/ticket) so we can help your friend to disable 2FA and to gain access to the account again.
  8. Grundii

    Invalid email or password

    Hey @Catnipseverbean, as I can see you were able to login into TruckersMP launcher. Did your problem got solved or do you have any further questions or problems? Don't hesitate to tell us them
  9. On the way with a really great person! :wub:



    @Lasse :wub:

  10. Grundii

    Ban system Query

    Hello @Its_Chris_2003, you can also find this information when you use our forum search function. It has been asked before
  11. Still remember this :wub:




  12. Grundii

    Can you delete my TMP account

    Hello dear @Brent123, you can delete your account yourself. Simply head over your website profile settings, go to "account settings", scroll down and you will find some button called "Delete Account". For more information please visit our Knowledge Base System: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/11
  13. Hey @Cosm1nG, could you solve the problem with the instruction above or do you still need help to fix the problem?
  14. Grundii


    Hallo @Marcel [REC], wenn du deinen Namen auf unserer Website (TruckersMP.com) ändern möchtest, jedoch keinen Zugriff mehr auf deine 2-Faktor-Authentifizierung hast, dann können wir die 2FA von deinem Account entfernen. Dazu musst du jedoch bitte ein Support-Ticket erstellen: https://truckersmp.com/support/tickets Eventuell musst du dich dazu von deinem Website-Account ausloggen und anschließend erst das Ticket erstellen, damit du nicht nach den 2FA-Codes gefragt wirst. Eine zweite Möglichkeit wäre, die Backup-Codes zu verwenden, welche du beim Erstellen deiner 2FA bekommen hast.
  15. nice RGB thing in your signature ;)