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  1. @LIPtoH I fixed some wrong translate in, but it only shows english after I replaced the cn-translate-file. I can't switch to CN. What's wrong with that? Does it not allowed re-translating any more? = = =Oh!!! sorry, I didn't noticed there are some changes in the translate files. I found that, = changes to ; .
  2. @脂蛋白yahoo! we meet again. I'm the one who speak to you in SCS forum.XD
  3. もうテストしました、効果がいい。でも他の人見えないなら、やはり。。。
  4. Thank you for following me :D

  5. we can use the account play game with out email confirm.... er...so that seems like a useless action.(laugh to cry)
  6. Excuse me, Can any premium_player answer me? I don't know why a player played game but his account status is Not Activated. What does the ACTIVATED meaning for exactly? confused.
  7. Oh my suggest has been rejected。


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