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  1. Ja vali, vali... Odotteleppa sitten vaikka ihan oikeassa elemässä se 5h siinä tullissa.
  2. Thanks, this helped! You can close this topic.
  3. Hello, can someone make the ban system clear to me because it's a bit confusing in the actual rule page. I know that 3 first bans admin can decide what ban length should be but 4th ban is 1 month, 5th ban is 3 moths and 6th ban is permanent if all of those happen in one year. But does that one year rule only effect to the permanent bans reset, so for example: If I would have 5 bans already but my first ban would already be OVER one year old, would still get a permanent ban or would I get another 3 moth ban? I am just curious, I have just 3 bans.
  4. Let me know what you think, where will the next map DLC be? I think it will be in Romania Because SCS teased it in their christmas stream by unboxing the Dracula which is from Transylvania and Transylvania is in Romania. Let me know what you think!

    1. LOCK-MAN


      Maybe, I think it will be Turkey or Russia

    2. [ATL] VLAD (UA)

      [ATL] VLAD (UA)

      Maybe Balkans

    3. KaitanFox


      I think probably south east Europe. Like Slovakia, Romania, Bosnia, Bulgaria and maybe down to Greece 

  5. In 2018 they really did improve Truckers MP! I hope it will continue like this!
  6. The next map DLC will very probably be Romania and maybe Moldova because in their christmas stream they teased it when they did unbox the dracula.
  7. Hello, every trailer is supported in Truckers MP except Special Transport DLC trailers. But like you said, you get kicked from the server if you take a Special Transport DLC trailer. Best Regards - Sing2005
  8. Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: Dear Truckers MP team, I have problems with the Unreliable connection kick system. When I'm In the loading screen my PC lags a bit because it has to load all of the players in the town. But when it lags in the loading screen, I'm getting kicked for "Unreliable connection". My connection is just fine and I usually get around 70 ms. So please fix this... it has been really annoying when I get kicked almost all of the times that I go in to the ETS2 loading screen. Best Regards - Sing2005 How to reproduce: - Screenshots / Videos: None.
  9. If there's a problem with it, you can just download it to somewhere (Imgur.com or some other) and put a link in here. Also the size limit should be the same with every uploaded picture. (Max 0.49MB)
  10. Volvo F16 with 75 000km.
  11. DerAmpelmann= One of the best admins.

    1. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Hey, I am glad you are happy with the work of team members. If you wish to create a feedback ticket telling how good this game moderator is, you can feel free to use the link I will leave you below.



  12. You should buy 900 degrees turning steering wheel. But I think you should be fine if you have at least 540 degrees turning steering wheel.
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