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  1. World of Trucks status

    SCS has released update 1.48.5 which is currently not supported on TruckersMP.

    It is worth emphasizing, however, that on the currently supported version 1.48 on TruckersMP, WoTr still works and orders are included in the statistics.

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    2. Guest


      within the next 24 hours ? wow last time they took 2 months, so you're optimist 😅

    3. MarkON


      @[OCSC Event] Antho


      Look this (7 minutes ago):


      SN0JYlV.png (dsc TruckersMP)


      So, Have fun and keep on trucking🚚

    4. Guest


      I don't go to promods any more, as the updates often take a very long time and TMP prefers to release the SCS versions first (even if they're partner with Promods 😄), at the risk of promods sometimes being unavailable for a long time, as was the case this summer for nearly 2 months.
      What's more, the promods site for downloading files is relatively boring...

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