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  1. Good continuation to all on the forum...

  2. Thanks to all the participants on the OCSC Event Chrismtas convoy this last December 30th, 2022, for this fun moment at the end on the Silverstone trackrace !


    Special thanks to OCSC Event CC Team, Yorshire Haulage, Lightning Logistics, Anonymous Truckers ITA, Transportes Cam CR, Roadrunner Transporte Germany, Prime Logistics, TTFR, Star Logistics and all the public drivers.


    Also thanks to @Truckerdan_TMP our Convoy Control Manager at OCSC Event, to have made this great video ! 😍


    If you want to take part on an other race or funny moment, don't hesitate to register you on our next funny event planned on April 1st :




    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    2. [OCSC Event] Antho

      [OCSC Event] Antho

      Yeah, like always we do funny events (and clown videos) that the community attend and really like 😅

  3. Happy birthday ! 🥳

    1. oshee_man


      Thank you very much❤

  4. A big Legend joined back the TMP Staff ! :HaulieLove: Happy to see you there back @GEMINI.

  5. you finally discovered me XD. Thanks for your follow @Shadows. 🙂 

    1. Shαdσώs


      Yesss alll late hehehe

    2. [OCSC Event] Antho

      [OCSC Event] Antho

      You was sleeping like always lol

  6. oh a clown visited my profile recently so I decided to write him to show how much clown is he lol 😅 😝

    1. ATG 8826

      ATG 8826

      Shush clown owl go to sleep like you always do

    2. [OCSC Event] Antho

      [OCSC Event] Antho

      lol I'll go no worries 😅

  7. Hey ! Thanks for your follow mate 🙂 

  8. many people told happy birthday to a ghost who was not logged on tmp forum since 2021... 😅

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