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  1. Given the number of negative comments after the last official TMP convoy, I wonder if this time players will be luckier or if it's better for them not to join a convoy where servers are not stable due to the poor infrastructure chosen by TMP? (Promods server will be closed again ? ) Will snow mod be active? Get ready for the bans if you're driving with the frozen roads... unfortunately for many players, TMP offers this addition to the mod every year, even though it's not designed for this kind of multiplayer. So it's best to avoid this kind of convoy once again. Good luck to all those who dare to brave the difficulty.
  2. Are you ready to see the next TMP official event with the same instability since it hasn't changed in 9 years? No worries, it will be soon, "Christmas lag event"
  3. r0rl.png


    The best 🦆 duck GM @Truckerdan_TMP was again present today to support our supervision of the event of the VTC Shepard Logistics.

    Always proud to be supported by our clown duck friend 🥰

  4. This is logical, since the servers are not capable of supporting a high volume of traffic, given the infrastructure that TMP has chosen to finance the servers, despite a high income in terms of patreons... but that's the way how TMP works...
  5. So many comments about high ping problems on the server... This once again shows the quality of TMP's servers, despite a patreon system capable of fixing this, but anyway... to the regret of many players... I've lost nothing by not going to this kind of event which, as usual, always has the same problem...
  6. the promods server was closed for it ? are you sure ? I didnt saw it tbh
  7. Thank you for the follow, Antho! :HaulieLove: @[OCSC Event] Antho

  8. Sometimes I wonder if one day on TruckersMP we won't see trucks in the shape of tractors, or trailers with aeroplane wings? 😅

    I've been told that as long as it doesn't disturb the gaming experience of other users, then it's allowed.

    It's really getting to be more and more fun, truckersmp, because the rules are defined after a lot of drinking. 😅 🍹



    1. L-DR@GO


      Well, that ain't bad 

      I love that 

      We have such trailers in my country

      Easy to drive a car inside.


      I tght u were talking about something worse 🤣

  9. Wow finally (and tbh at least you deserve it, unlike other inactive people who have been recruited.. 😅) ! by the way congrats @[FR] Adrien

  10. Happy birthday Clown Leader @LemonJuicee 😅 🍋

  11. Happy Birthday! 🥳

    1. [OCSC Event] Antho

      [OCSC Event] Antho

      Thank you so much @pofii ! 🥰

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