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  1. Blueyy

    Least Used Truck

    The truck that fits in the least used but should be used more imo is the Mercedes New Actros. It isn't the least used but it is the least used that should be more used. I hope that makes sense. Happy new year!
  2. And I thought my screenshots were good. Stunning pictures guys, congratulations. I hope someday I'll take good ones like that. Happy 2020!
  3. Hey there, I generally drive on first person camera. However, when Im driving the Skoda I would rather use the third person view perspective. It gives move perspective of your surroundings. Best regards, Blueyy
  4. Thank you all, had a great time and met a lot of nice people this year!


    @_Russian @QF_Giulia @Knusperschnitzel 















    @David Edson






    You all made my year better. Thank you! Happy 2020. :wub:

    1. Knusperschnitzel


      Have a happy new year as well :wub:

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  5. Some pictures I've taken this month. W/ David Edson and Corndrue. :wub:



  6. I agree that it should be translucent and not totally transparent. It would be a bit dangerous to leave the company you are at if you can't see who's around you. But honestly I don't really see why, it doesn't bother me personally to have the players opaque.
  7. ATS DLCs aren't good deals for me. It adds up a small area for a big price. However, if it actually comes out as a good dlc I might consider it. Still thinking what DLCs to get and this could be one.
  8. It's a fun to have. No big thing that attracts me to listen to it, they don't play the music I tend to like. It can be fun from time to time with traffic updates and stuff but don't think it brings the community any closer. There's room for improvement.
  9. The community seems more united when it comes to languages. The French, the German etc... I feel like those small communities could be more united within themselves. Discord is a good place to make friends and participate in the community btw. There are some trolls, yes, but the GMs and CMTs are here to deal with those.
  10. Blueyy

    Ban Appeal System

    Hey there, I have never been banned so I never used the appeal system but I agree with you. It's less likely to the GM that banned you to understand your point of view and reconsider the ban. Maybe it should be another GM. I can't be the managers as there's not enough for the amount of appeals. Best regards, Blueyy
  11. Thank you for your follow! :wub:

    1. Blueyy


      np! Merry Christmas! :wub:


    2. Linciano


      Merry Christmas to you as well! Enjoy the holidays ❤️

  12. Exited to vote on it for the second time. This is such a nice way to get the community involved and united. I hope the people I voted for win, they did great! Good luck to all staff!
  13. I honestly don't like it very much. It looks just like the base map but only with more cities. Someday it might become interesting but for me, now, it's just no worth it.
  14. Hey there! As of now, I have two favorite DLCs: Italia and Scandinavia. They are, for me, the ones everyone should go for. I don't own the new DLC just yet so I don't know either if I like or not.
  15. It will be available closer tho the event. It should cost the same as a regular paint job.
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