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  1. Well, it's a simulator. I understand that there's a lot of elements that don't necessarily replicate real life but the day night cycle. It's fun having both day and night.
  2. Blueyy

    Least Used Truck

    The truck that fits in the least used but should be used more imo is the Mercedes New Actros. It isn't the least used but it is the least used that should be more used. I hope that makes sense. Happy new year!
  3. Hey Su, Thank you for your kind wished! Happy 2020 for you and your VTC members! Hope y'all have a wonderful year. Kindest regards, Blueyy
  4. And I thought my screenshots were good. Stunning pictures guys, congratulations. I hope someday I'll take good ones like that. Happy 2020!
  5. Hey there, I generally drive on first person camera. However, when Im driving the Skoda I would rather use the third person view perspective. It gives move perspective of your surroundings. Best regards, Blueyy
  6. Thank you all, had a great time and met a lot of nice people this year!


    @_Russian @QF_Giulia @Knusperschnitzel 















    @David Edson






    You all made my year better. Thank you! Happy 2020. :wub:

    1. Knusperschnitzel


      Have a happy new year as well :wub:

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Happy New Year 🎉🥳🎇

  7. Hey James, Thank you for bringing a solution in! It worked for me, it will make my life a whole lot easier. I don't know what's causing this bug but that fixes it. Thanks you, Blueyy
  8. Some pictures I've taken this month. W/ David Edson and Corndrue. :wub:



  9. I agree that it should be translucent and not totally transparent. It would be a bit dangerous to leave the company you are at if you can't see who's around you. But honestly I don't really see why, it doesn't bother me personally to have the players opaque.
  10. I took part in 3 out of the 5 routes. It was fun but there were a lot of people trying to overtake at all times. It would've been better if the GMs were more attentive to that. Also, there were a few intersections without event staff doing CC, so I didn't know where to go. Other than that, it was great overall. Thanks for the event, it was fun. Hope they reach their goal!
  11. Hey there! I spent the first half of the year away from home in Canada so the first half of the year I didn't play ETS at all. Once I got back I had a lot to do so I didn't get much time for TMP. Now I'm on vacations and am playing ETS2 a lot. I missed the game a lot.
  12. ATS DLCs aren't good deals for me. It adds up a small area for a big price. However, if it actually comes out as a good dlc I might consider it. Still thinking what DLCs to get and this could be one.
  13. I used to like Mercedes a lot but now I'm more into Scania. The engine power doesn't influence much in my decision, it's more the looks. Both Scania and Mercedes look cool to me so I'm now going for those. PS: Voted for Scania as it's my current favorite.
  14. For me it's the free world style map. You can go wherever you want whenever you want. The trucks are also well made by SCS. The level of detail is impressive.
  15. It's a fun to have. No big thing that attracts me to listen to it, they don't play the music I tend to like. It can be fun from time to time with traffic updates and stuff but don't think it brings the community any closer. There's room for improvement.
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