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  1. Not a bad idea, but I prefer just turning off the radio before I drive instead, just wanna have a quiet drive without some dude blasting music into the radio
  2. That would be a hell of a thing to create for developers! It's a nice idea tho.
  3. Lmao I legit got banned for driving with no headlights on my second day of TruckersMP
  4. Then we would have to mute the game whenever we pass by the service station place in Calais or Duisburg cuz in addition to the constant horns, crash noises would play non stop.
  5. imo a script that instantly bans people with beacons on in crowded areas, especially those Scanias with like a hundred beacons on it
  6. Windows XP for life, even after you have upgraded to Windows 10
  7. Pressing F9 worked. I was just being stupid all along haha. Thanks
  8. Sometimes when I press Y, the chat works. But sometimes, it doesn't. I can't even see anything sent by other players.Help?
  9. If a guy is going faster than 90 km/h on a flat surface, then the person is a speedhacker?
  10. Is there a word limit for the player tag (the one that's displayed in front of your username)?
  11. Might be a dumb question :/ I never see any Swartzmuller trailers, or country flag decals anywhere... Must I buy the DLC myself before I can see them on other trucks?
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