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  1. I would say: Absolutely no. This suggestion going out of context of this Game, its a Truck Simulator. In my opinion the DBus was allready a bad idea, 'cause how i said "Out of context of this Game". How so ever, it just my opinion.
  2. Like: Take a +2.500 km delivery, drive it, quicksave it before finishing it, finish the the delivery, reload the the quicksave and finish it again. Reload the quicksave and finish the delivery over and over again. Till my level rapidly goes up to Prestige Rank. Can you follow me?
  3. First of all, Sorry about my Languages. English is not my Basic Language. I like this Idea but... skip or deny all those "Gainings" and "Unlooking" feature. Tbh I would leave and cancel Patrons, I playing TMP since 2015 and don't want to restart completely from the beginning. Just add XP, Levels & Prestige plus all those Icons. That would looks really nice. I would recommend to get XP by driving goods to destination (Finishing). No matter which Goods just depending by Weight and Distance, Keep the XP Rates very low should be more challanging (also gets Penalties by Damaging the Good). Driving without Goods and without Finishing any Delivery gets no XP. I also see another Problem. If I am myself, i immediately would try to get the highest Prestige Rank by reloading the Auto Save and finish my route (like +2500 km and 30 Tons) in periode. This should also be denied too. But all around. Great Idea.
  4. They accepted it now, also they opened the "Add-On" Recruitment. Probably because of that and other Suggestions which were accepted, too. But this is just my thinking. Maybe I'm wrong, but that would make sense for me.
  5. YES TMP-STAFF accepted it! ✊ There we go! Finally! Tandem- (Drawbar) incomming!


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